Why do Indian love playing cricket

Why do Indian love playing cricket

As you know, India is rich in various achievements in the art world, but this is not all that this amazing country is famous for. Hindus have various successes in sports competitions. The attitude to sports in India is the most serious: it is not entertainment, but part of culture, part of religion. Especially if you can participate in ipl betting online india.

Nowadays, various types of games and competitions related to physical and intellectual activity are called in one word — sports. And if you are asked what you know about Indian sports, then cricket is the first thing that comes to mind. However, India is a great country with a unique history and culture that has given birth and development to numerous types of competitions and sports games. In the great epics «Ramayana» and «Mahabharata» one can find many references to the popularity of various types of martial arts and competitions among the military class.

What else can you find in India

There can be many different kinds of sport that are so much appreciated in India like in other countries. Here you can find out other games and kinds of sport popularised in this Asian country:

  • The most favourite sport in India is cricket, this unpopular, as a rule, in the rest of the world, the sport has won mad love in India: everyone plays cricket — both children and parents. Many people call this game the religion of India: the population of the country loves cricket so much that many, in order to get to the stadium and enjoy the game of their favourite team, even leave their jobs. As you know, the population of India is not the richest, but poverty does not prevent Indians from spending any money to purchase cricket tickets, looking at which through polarized sports glasses you get only positive emotions.
  • The second place in popular love is occupied by such a sport as chess. As you know, chess was invented in India, and the Indians are proud that it was they who invented such a wonderful game. Various chess competitions have been held for hundreds of years and interest in this game will never disappear. Vishy Anand — the famous Indian chess player, who has already become a legend, contributed to the growth of the popularity of chess among the population. He was remembered primarily by the fact that he calmly beat strong grandmasters in half an hour, thus becoming the fastest champion in chess history.
  • The third most popular sport in India is everyone’s favourite football. Balls are played in all Indian regions, but football is most popular in Goa.
  • Another popular sport in India is field hockey. It so happened that this game is the national cedi of the Hindus. The Indian field hockey team held the Olympic Games championship for about three decades from 1928 to 1956, winning six consecutive gold medals.
  • The fifth most popular sports discipline among Indians is tennis. This sport was brought by the British, but, nevertheless, it took root very well. There are many world-class tennis players among the Indians.
  • It is worth paying attention to one more sport, namely, athletics. Currently, it is gaining more and more popularity in India, as evidenced by the growth in the results of Indian athletes. Artistic gymnastics is also booming lately.
  • The martial arts of India come in a huge variety of forms and styles. Each region of the country practices its own style.

In general, India can be called a sports country with deep traditions in chess, cricket and field hockey, which does not prevent the active development of other sports.

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