Why File Formats Are Important For Your Online Business

The file format is a critical thing these days, due to various reasons, one of the most important of them, each and every file format is made for a specific purpose. Every graphic you see online, has a specific file format and we use them to create a variety of images, this is the main reason why we use the free file converter to turn one file format into the other, to make the image according to our desire.

The specific file format is used for a particular purpose, if you are not using the particular file format for a purpose, you may find it difficult to serve the specification of a particular purpose. For example, if you want a high-definition picture then you need to create the JPEG image file format, other file formats would not serve the same definition of the images. We can use the online file converter by theonlineconverter for the free conversion of files from one file format to the other.

In this article, we are discussing the purpose of various types of file formats and their specific purpose:

Main Types of The File Format:

There are basically two types of file format, the other is the subforms of these main types:

  • Raster images file format
  • Vector image file format

Raster Images File Format:

The Raster file format is pixel-based graphics, file format, and it is resolution dependent and used for photos and web graphics. The Raster image file format includes JPF, GIF, PNG, TIFF, RAW, and PSD. You can use the free file converter to convert one file format to another.

Vector image file format: Curved-based graphics, and it is resolution independent and used to design Logos, Icons and graphics. The JPEG, PNG, JPG, BMP is indicated as the raster image files.

Vector Image File Format:

Curved-based graphics and it is resolution independent and used to design Logos, Icons, and graphics. The most patent vector image formats are PDF, SVG, AI, and EPS.

Why do We Use the Raster Images?

The Raster images are made up of dots or pixels, and each of the pixels is assigned a specific color and when we are using the raster images, we can do the slightest definition of images. These images are resolution-dependent, meaning when you are changing the image size, you can blur the image itself, and you have seen the blurred images.

The main reason these images are raster images and are stretched to their limits, you can use the format converter of the file to turn them into another format, if you want to avoid the blurriness of the images. The Raster images are used for Photographs, Digital artwork, Web graphics(such as social media content and email graphics), these images are commonly used in online applications and graphics.

Why do We Use the Vector Images?

The vector images are used to create the artwork for different purposes, in the vector images, we use the lines, curves. These lines and curves are vaulted by the computer. There is always a giant mathematical equation working behind every image, and this equation is assigning particular code to every color and stroke we are drawing on the canvas. You can use the free file converter to convert one type of file to another if required.

The vector images are resolution-free, when you enlarge the vector image the shape would not become the blur one, as it is free from pixelization. The image would be the same, on any platform, and in any size. You can say the blurriness is not associated with the vector images. These images are more secure on the internet when you are sending the image files.

Each of the image file formats is made for a particular purpose, you frequently need the free file converter from one format to another, to make the desired format of the file and to serve the purpose we require.

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