Why Oduwacoin offers a home for the underserved at the  global Cryptocurrency Table

global Cryptocurrency Table

Knowing that audience involvement was going to be a challenge, Bright was prepared to take on the task. “One of the biggest issues that we have faced is lack of support. Since this is what held us back, I am committed to the support of my community.” Though many are interested in the virtual currency, many still view digital investing as a risk not worth taking. This  inspired Bright to work harder and Oduwacoin is the outcome. Targeting mainly native African and Pan-African communities, Oduwacoin’s goal is to enrich Africa’s knowledge of cryptocurrency. By utilizing blockchain technology, he has provided his community with the necessary tools to financial freedom. Bright wants to use Oduwacoin as his vessel to change the way people approach their financial views and concepts.

As a pioneer in its industry from Africa, Oduwacoin has revolutionized the approach when it comes to digital investing. Through blockchain technology, they work to equip people with the proper knowledge of how to invest. This, in addition to creating alternatives to popular digital currencies, is how Bright seeks to take his community to the forefront of digital investing. Aware of the difference that proper knowledge about blockchain can providee,, he fights daily to teach those unaware of the benefits that can be reaped. Highlighting what an investment into the world of cryptocurrency can do, Oduwacoin has made investing more efficient than ever

Endowed with years of experience, Bright became fascinated with blockchain technology during his time in software. Having been introduced to it in 2010, Bright’s passion for Oduwacoin ceased to falter as he  explored other possibilities for Oduwacoin.  Bright felt it was necessary to bring cryptocurrency to his fellow citizens. By establishing the need for change within his community, he has led by example, showing what an investment in the world of cryptocurrency can provide. Valuing his community and seeking a merger between the world of cryptocurrency and the Pan-African community, he channeled his energy into making Oduwacoin what it is today. A reliable and efficient way to transfer money, it has taken over the once uncharted territories of Africia’s crypto currency impact. From that aspect alone, Oduwacoin is improving Africa’s technological reputation as a whole.

Inspired by his African heritage,, he works to provide a better financial future for his people. “Data is the new form of currency.” He explains. “As the new currency, we must evolve our approach that hasn’t shown results in the past.”  The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency was just the beginning for Oduwacoin, involving the community was the next step. The success of Oduwacoin relies heavily on entractions from within. Acts such as trading, buying, and investing within the market will increase the momentum of Oduwacoin and bring awareness to its benefits. This can be done if the people make progress within the network. “When users sell OWC , the value is slightly less. Selling ODUWA COIN is like saying that the trader has lost faith in ODUWA because the community recommends that the user spend their ODUWACOIN and not sell it.” By relying on this feedback in order to succeed, Oduwacoin is truly placed in the hands on it’s people. 

Safe and efficient, Oduwacoin has given the people of Africa a crucial tool to find financial success. Stressing financial fluency as well as providing opportunities to succeed, Oduwacoin’s  potential is being recognized by its people. “The price could rise and fall, subject to the community’s trust.” Relying on the feedback from those who he built Oduwacoin for, Bright wishes to see massive growth in Oduwacoin in terms of community engagement.


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