Why should you use a Simultaneous Interpretation to Deliver your Message?


It is a tool that is used to covert what is said in real time. When there are no break offs in the conversation, you may use it. Large-scale events and situations can be managed by the interpreters where you should not take a break off. It is used in an emergent situation when you don’t have time to pause. You have to deliver the message without any delay or to deliver on time. Such as in press conferences it can be beneficial to use. In simultaneous, the interpreter’s active language is having more pressure. Because listening, analyzing, and speaking is occurring at the same time. In simultaneous, the possibility of interference is more from the passive language (heard) to the active language (spoken).

Use of Headphones and Microphone 

Sometimes interpreters are provided by the headphones while the appointments of Simultaneous Interpretation. Some other devices are also provided to them as per the need to make the interpretation easier. Headphones are given to block the environmental factors and background noise that can make a distraction in the interpretation. Moreover, a microphone is also provided with the interpreters to communicate the message to the audience. For instance, some events or conferences such as Olympics has to deliver the message to a large group of people at a time. 

Use to convert in various Languages in Real-Time

It is an amazing tool that can be used to convert the original words of the speaker into various languages in real-time. For instance, if there is a large audience available at your event, or conferences. The audience belongs to different countries and they speak different languages and you only know your mother tongue. You find it difficult to convey your message to everyone who presents it at the conference, meeting, or event. But ultimately if you are using an interpretation to deliver your message to the audience. So, it will be easier to deliver your message to everybody attending the conference or event whatever you are going to organize. 


For what purposes you may use interpreters, we should take a look at the benefits of the Simultaneous Interpretation

  • These interpreters are used in events that are taking place at a large place or having a large number of audiences.

Example; Conferences, EU Presidency meetings, press conferences, etc 

  • Theis interpretation is also used in bilateral meetings that have no time for consecutive interpretations. 
  • It is used to summit along with the huge scale booths, that can be located in the meeting room and sometimes they are not located in the meeting room. 
  • Used to the places where time is considered an essence such as corporate events or the meetings of shareholders. 
  • It is also used for medical conferences as well as for technical conferences. 

Find the best one

You must find the interpreter that is the best for your need and fulfilling the requirement of your event or conference. Chose the best way to find an appropriate one as per your requirements. While selecting the interpreters to use in your event, you must find the high qualified one, considering the relevant experience, university training, and specializations. Consider the interpretation’s equipment such as local suppliers, location of booths, and numbers as well. Make sure the onsite coordination and troubleshooting are provided. This tool allows the people to understand the speeches or messages even they are not delivering in their mother tongue. 

Wrap Up!

It delivers the words of the speaker naturally and in the same sense in which the speaker wants to convey to the audience. There is no pause in the conversion as it takes place in the consecutive interpretation but not in the Interpretation of Simultaneous. It also enables the people to understand the gestures and non-verbal cues of the speaker in real-time. There is not any delay even not for a few seconds. It has the fastest and accurate delivery. This helps in increasing the effectiveness of the communication for the speaker and the listener as well. So, you can give your audience a better experience of your event. They will stay longer connected with your event attentively. 


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