6 Reasons Why Silver Remains Popular in Jewelry

6 Reasons Why Silver Remains Popular in Jewelry
6 Reasons Why Silver Remains Popular in Jewelry

If you haven’t gone through your jewelry collection lately, then now is the time to see what you have. Silver jewelry pieces might not be worth as much as gold according to price, but silver can offer many other benefits than a price value. Go through your collection and separate all your silver jewelry. When’s the last time you went through your jewelry collection? Do you remember all the beautiful pieces you have? Is your jewelry box filled with sterling silver, gold, costume jewelry, homemade pieces, or something else?

Why Silver Remains Popular in Jewelry

The guide below will explain why you should start wearing your silver jewelry today. For those who don’t currently own silver jewelry, you’ll want to continue reading below as well. Here’s everything you need to know about silver jewelry and why you should invest in some beautiful pieces today!

  1. Health Benefits

Did you know one effect of wearing silver is the amazing health benefits you’ll receive? For centuries, silver has been used across many different cultures for its health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits.

Fighting Infections

Silver contains antimicrobial agents that fight against infections, prevent the cold and flu, and heal wounds. Silver is also used in the medical field on different medical tools and devices due to its sterilization and antibacterial properties.

Balancing Temperatures

The natural properties of silver can help offset any electrical disturbances around us. Silver also helps boost circulation and maintain body temperature.

Boosting Immune System

Silver as an immunity booster works well when you have a weakened immune system. If you plan to travel or be confined to a small office space in close proximity to other people, then you’ll want to consider wearing silver. The silver will help fight off bacteria and other germs.

  1. Durability

Pure silver on its own is a soft metal, too soft to use in jewelry making. Sterling silver, however, is a mix of pure silver and other alloys. This mixture creates a durable metal used in jewelry pieces you can cherish for a lifetime.

Sterling silver is also less prone to scratches and dents than pure silver is. You can find many different sterling silver jewelry pieces, which gives you plenty of options and opportunities to find a piece you love. When you maintain your sterling silver jewelry, you can pass it down to several generations.

  1. Hypoallergenic Metal

Pure silver is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t cause skin rashes or irritations. However, when silver is turned into sterling silver for jewelry use, it’ll then contain certain alloys mentioned above to help with durability. These alloys may vary from nickel, copper, and zinc. Unfortunately, nickel is widely known as an allergenic metal.

Although not everyone’s skin reacts poorly to nickel, it may be something you want to avoid. In order to do this, be sure you purchase sterling silver jewelry that’s mixed with alloy metals such as zinc or copper. Nickel-free jewelry is less likely to cause a reaction on your skin.

  1. Beautiful Appearance

Silver has a beautiful appearance when worn on the skin, which is one of the main reasons why it’s been popular for so many centuries. It looks wonderful no matter what time of the year it is and silver pieces match well with just about any other jewelry pieces you may be wearing.

You’ll also have a wide selection to choose from when deciding what style of silver jewelry you want to wear. You can find many amazing options at jewelry stores such as Dreamland Jewelry.

When well taken care of, your silver jewelry will shine brightly and catch the eye of others around you.

  1. Fair Price Point

If you’re looking for a cheaper solution than gold, sterling silver is a great option. Pure silver on its own can be a bit expensive, but sterling silver (mixed with alloy metals and used for jewelry purposes) is much more affordable than pure silver or gold. The price point is fair and the appearance and durability are both excellent.

If you’re looking for a jewelry piece you can wear for a lifetime without worrying about breaking the bank, then sterling silver is something to consider.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Does silver tarnish? The simple answer is, yes. Silver can tarnish when exposed to air.

Sterling silver will tarnish quicker due to its copper component. Don’t let this prevent you from indulging in a wonderful sterling silver collection, though. When you know how to care for your sterling silver, you can prevent tarnishing.

The first step in maintaining your silver jewelry is wearing it. That’s right! Wearing your sterling silver jewelry can actually help keep it clean.

How is this possible?

The natural oils on your skin help clean the metal, so be sure not to let your silver jewelry go too long without wearing it. If your silver does happen to tarnish, there are cleaning products available for you to use with a soft, gentle cloth to get that shine back.

It’s Time to Add Sterling Silver to Your Jewelry Collection

How many sterling silver pieces do you have in your jewelry collection? It’s most likely safe to say not enough because you can never have enough beautiful silver pieces! Now is the perfect time to start adding more sterling silver into your collection and taking your style to the next level.

Use the helpful advice listed in this guide above to make an informed decision.

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