Why Spotify Is the Best Audio Streaming App

7 Features That You Must Know When Using Spotify

Whether you’re having a bad, good, or bland day, listening to music is an excellent way of making everything feel much better! This is true for most people globally, as music can soothe or boost someone’s spirits. So what better way to ensure you enjoy uninterrupted music than by taking advantage of an app available in 180+ countries? This article will help you understand what Spotify is and how to make the most of it.z

What Is Spotify and Why It’s Popular

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media service provider founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006. The two founders developed the app to respond to the never-ending piracy problem that many artists were facing. The music industry would lose millions since people would download albums from controversial file-sharing sites.

When the app was launched, it was a small start-up based in Stockholm, Sweden. Today, Spotify is one of the top dog music streaming service providers, with more than 420 million monthly active users. Out of this lot, 182 million are paying subscribers, making it a successful app considering it offers a free package.

What Does Spotify Offer?

Spotify is available in 184 markets, cutting across all the continents and overcoming language and genre barriers. It is also compatible with most devices, including iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, Windows, Linux, macOS computers, and smart home devices like Amazon Echo.

The modern subscriber doesn’t want to listen to music albums only. They also want non-music content like podcasts, poetry, speeches, and audiobooks, all of which are available on Spotify. Below is a highlight of other attractive features to enjoy on the app.

Collaborative and Blended Playlists

The unspoken rule for road trips is that the shotgun is the designated DJ. But what happens when their playlist doesn’t accommodate everyone’s music tastes? Spotify offers a collaborative playlist feature that allows you to share with your friends so they can add, edit or rearrange the order of the tracks. However, your friends cannot change the name or playlist cover.

On the other hand, blending allows you to create a playlist with one friend only. The app uses an algorithm to overlap your music preferences, creating a blended playlist that matches your tastes.

Transitions and Crossfade

No one enjoys the awkward silence in between songs. Thankfully, you don’t have to endure this when using Spotify. When you head to Preferences, scroll down to Playback to see an option titled Allow smooth transitions between songs in a playlist. This setting allows users to enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience.

You can also enable Crossfade to create a fading effect between tracks, so the next song starts playing as the previous one ends.

Audio Customization

Spotify offers audio customization features to enhance its customers’ experience, as shown below.

  • Normalize Audio

No one enjoys regularly adjusting their device’s volume whenever they switch from music to non-music content or vice versa. Thus, this feature sets a consistent output across all media on the app.

  • Streaming and Download Quality

Typically, high-quality songs use a higher data bandwidth, while low-quality music is often unclear, especially at high volume. So using this feature allows you to customize the audio output quality.

  • Volume Level

This feature allows you to adjust the maximum volume level across all media, especially in a noisy environment.

Music Discovery

Listening to the same old playlists can get boring after some time. However, keeping up with new or upcoming artists as you maneuver other demanding life tasks is not a simple feat. Luckily, Spotify eliminates this problem by helping users discover new songs to update their libraries.

There are times when you are not going to find some fairly old songs on streaming platforms. You need to understand that music streaming platforms only keep those albums on their database that many people listen to. If it is something that only you like, then you might not find it either on Spotify or on any other platform. The only option that will remain open to you would be to check out and hope that you find it there.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Spotify’s Enhance feature is available to premium subscribers and allows you to discover new music that matches your existing playlist.
  • Discover Weekly refers to a playlist automatically generated every week for your account by Spotify’s algorithm. So if you’ve been listening to reggae or hip hop, your playlist will look for more songs in these genres.
  • The radio system allows you to select a song, artist, or album of interest and automatically generates a similar music playlist.

Private Listening and Playlists

Sometimes you want to listen to songs or non-music content that friends or family may consider controversial. Fortunately, Spotify allows its customers to use two incredible features highlighted below.

  • Private Listening Sessions

If you don’t want to share your listening habits, this feature is ideal for you. To start your private listening sessions, head to the Socials section under Settings and select Start a Private Session. You can turn off the feature once done.

  • Hidden Playlists

All playlists you create are automatically added to your profile and become public to anyone accessing your Spotify account. Open the context menu and select the Remove From Public option to hide your playlists.

Move to the Beat Wherever You Are!

Music is considered an essential part of most people’s lives, explaining why “old” songs can still move mountains even decades later! Unfortunately, Spotify isn’t available in China and Russia, meaning you may have to use other streaming apps with pestering ads when visiting either country. To avoid this, you can use a Sweden proxy to enjoy your regular playlists, and new ones like you never left home.

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