Why the led floodlight not working?

Why the led floodlight not working
  1. The power supply is broken and not powered on:

Most of the spotlights have bad power supply, and the power supply provides a stable working voltage for the light source.

(1) There is a problem with the power supply in the process of converting alternating current into direct current, which may cause the LED floodlight to not light up and flash directly. This kind of general cannot be repaired. Just replace the power supply. Of course, before you change it, you must find out the series and parallel of the light source. The number, current and voltage, whether it is full watts, if you don’t know how to change the power supply rashly, if you change the wrong one, it won’t take long and it will be broken or not bright enough.

(2) Another phenomenon is that the flood light can be on for a while at the beginning and then starts to flash or flashes when the light is turned on. This is mainly because the power supply components are unstable, resulting in flashing. The fundamental problem is that the quality of the power supply is too poor or the heat conduction is not good. Well, after the power supply works for a period of time, the temperature of the power supply itself rises, which causes the components of the power supply itself to be unstable. In some areas, the temperature difference between winter and summer changes greatly, causing the working temperature of the power supply to be too high or too low, and it cannot run stably. Objectively speaking, this kind of power supply is all is a substandard product. If the power supply is broken, then replace it with a better one. If a normal quality power supply cannot be managed for two or three years, the quality will not be good. Now many power supplies are guaranteed for 5 years, and it is not a problem to use them for 5 or 6 years.

  1. The light source is broken and does not light up.

(1) Check whether there is a black spot in the middle of the lamp bead. This black spot is caused by two reasons. First, the temperature of the lamp bead is formed through the high temperature of the glue and the phosphor after long-term use. Another reason is that The current of the power supply is too high (this is because the power supply is unstable, or the quality of the light source is poor), which may be caused by the open circuit or necrosis of the lamp bead itself.

(2) The poor heat dissipation of the flood light source will also cause the light source to decay seriously (that is, it is not bright before) or burn out. In addition, the waterproof of the floodlight is not well done, and the water has entered the lamp, causing the lamp bead to burn out.

(3) If the shell is intact, it is still possible to replace the lamp beads, but you need to know the power, current, voltage and other parameters of the power supply, which must be matched with the light source.

(4) There is another point about the power supply and the light source, that is, the floodlight is slightly bright, that is, the light is very weak. In this case, the power supply may be bad, or the light source may be bad. You should use a multimeter to measure it.

(5) If the floodlight does not turn on when it was first purchased after being used for a period of time, then in this case, the quality of the light source is poor and the light decay is serious.

  1. Wire solder joints are soldered, resulting in no power supply:

The integrated lamp beads in the floodlight are connected to two wires. Whether the lamp beads have virtual welding, false welding, cold welding, whether the power input line has loose connection points, open circuit, etc., check whether the driving connecting line is damaged.

  1. The flood light enters the water:

This is because the waterproof treatment is not done properly. Such consequences may cause the light source and power supply to burn. This is basically useless. You can change the light source and power supply if you understand it better. If necessary, you can contact the led floodlight manufacturer for after-sales. The main reason is that the quality is off.

In a word, the main reasons for the LED floodlights not bright and flashing may be the quality of the power supply, the quality of the light source, the thickness of the shell and the waterproof treatment. The LED floodlights are all high-power lights products. They will undergo strict aging tests to ensure that they are good products in the hands of consumers.

Written by Enaa Mari

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