Will the Xiaomi CyberDog Be as Good as from Boston Dynamics


Who would have expected us to live to this moment? Tech companies have moved on from developing only smartphones or kitchen devices. Yes, these days, they are making robots for sale as well! It’s true. Of course, it’s been years since Boston Dynamics has introduced its first version of a quadruped robot. Recently, they even released the newest model of their first model. Yet, these dogs weren’t for everyday use or pet replacement.

The Chinese corporation Xiaomi, on the other hand, has recently surprised the world with its newest release – their own robot dogs. Now, BigDogs or SpotMini and CyberDogs can compete with each other in sales and overall quality.

Though, let’s see if a real competition here is even possible. Boston Dynamics developed their first robot dogs over 15 years ago. Surely, they had enough time to work on improvements and modernization of their robots. Yet, Xiaomi could easily use this time gap to unitize the newest technologies and coding. So, let’s see if Xiaomi CyberDog can be as good (or even better) as the robot dog from Boston Dynamics.


So, right from the start, all potential customers will appreciate Xiaomi CyberDog prices. It’s much cheaper than the one created by Boston Dynamics. The latter sells their newest robot dog, Spot, for almost $80,000 when Xiaomi offers their robot-pet for less than $2000. It means that the future is already coming for us. Soon, many would consider getting a quadruped robot instead of real living dogs. Why not? It sure seems like a lot less work! Xiaomi has now made it possible for many.


CyberDogs are a lighter version of Spot by Boston Dynamics. Their weight is 31 lbs when Spot is more than twice heavier. In size, Spot is also quite larger than Xiaomi’s robot dogs. Hence, CyberDogs are easier to handle and travel with in comparison to Boston Dynamics’ dogs. CyberDogs are also the fastest available robot dogs on the market at the moment. CyberDogs can reach 7.2 mph when Spot’s speed is twice as slow. Also, CyberDogs are doing a better job at navigating obstacles due to in-built cameras and touch sensors.


CyberDogs’ original purpose was to imitate real-life pets. Hence, these robots can behave somewhat like actual dogs. They can do tricks such as backflips or shaking a paw. They can follow their owners and react to commands due to face and voice recognition built-in CyberDogs. Honestly, it won’t take long when they start offering some coursework writing help to their owners as well.

It is a little unclear what purpose Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs pursue. As the price market is not the most welcoming. They are not trying to imitate real-life dogs or replace living pets with robots. Mostly, they are still trying to figure out the best potential deployment of their quadruped robot in real life. For instance, to use them during natural crises as a part of a rescue team or similar. You can even order a research paper writing service to learn more about the initial ideas behind quadruped robots development.

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