Your One-Stop Body Armor Guide

Your One-Stop Body Armor Guide

Modern advances in weaponry and protection have made an impact on body armors. You can go ahead and find body armor that has unique features and functions. These tactical pieces of protective clothing can save your life from numerous threats you might encounter while on the job. But what exactly is body armor? Can it protect me from harm? Are there other types of armor? Don’t fret. For we will get to all of that in a moment. So for today’s piece, we will discuss all you need to know about body armor.

What Exactly Is Body Armor?

Body armor is any form of protective clothing you can wear while on the job. The primary purpose of the gear is to protect you from harm by absorbing incoming physical attacks of all sorts. Some of the physical attacks come in as gunfire, spikes, blunt objects, and edges. Typical body armor consists of plates, thinly compressed plastic, fabrics, and other materials.

The Many Types Of Body Armor

You might think that all body armor is the same. We are here to tell you otherwise. There exists more than one kind of body armor you can purchase in stores and tactical gear outlets. Here are some of them.

  • Ballistic armor

Ballistic protection armor is the most utilized armor today. It guards your body against incoming gunfire from small arms to sub-machine guns. This kind of armor has different levels of protection, starting from one all the way up to five. The drawback of ballistic protection armor is that it might not stop heavy weapons, such as rifles, from doing some damage.

  • Edged blade armor

Some assailants prefer to go traditional with knives and cutters. That is where edged blade armor comes in handy. This variation of body armor will protect you from weapons that include scissors, knives, daggers, broken glass from bottles, and so on. Edged blade armor has a specific design, and as such, might not be efficient against different kinds of threats.

  • Spike armor

Spike armor works the same as edged blade armor. The only real difference between the variations is that spike armor deals with items that puncture and penetrate. Such things and weapons include nails, pins, needles, augurs, ice picks, screwdrivers, and even women’s stilettos. Talk about deadly!

  • Multi-threat armor

Multi-threat armor does something else. This type of armor can absorb all kinds of damage – spike, edge, gunfire – you call it. Some individuals argue that multi-threat armor might be the best out there. You can agree with them, but you may not have an accord with the armor’s price range. Multi-threat armor is expensive, hands down.

Purchasing Body Armor

We are positive that there is a shop or two in your local that caters to tactical and protective gear. You can visit them, but the selections might not be enough. So the next best thing is to find body armor online. There are platforms and sites that sell and trade body armor and other protective clothing and gear. What’s best about these retailers is that you can check out the item specifications and features with the click of a button. You save some time traveling, plus you can do the shopping from the comfort of your home. If you’re really interested, Safe Life Defense is one of the ideal companies that could hook you up with your armor needs. By checking out this link, you can visit Safe Life Defense’s official website.

What To Find In Body Armor Before Buying?

It is not only about style. You have to find out what makes the body armor tick and what it specializes in. Here are some of the things to consider when looking for body armor.

  • The body armor should be comfortable to use. Can you imagine yourself adjusting armor while taking fire?
  • You have to specify the body armor corresponding to your line of work.
  • It is a fact that better equipment means more expense. You can get better armor at the cost of money. But that is nothing to worry about at all. You can get the money back later. But you can’t get your life back if something happens.
  • The body armor should give you mobility when you head into action. Don’t go for heavy fittings unless you can manage one without a hassle.

Some Extra Body Armor Tips And Know-Hows

Now that you have an idea what body armor is and how it works, here is a quick list of additional information you might find useful later.

  • You should fit your armor with extra plates if you want to go against rifle fire.
  • Some criminals might use your weapon against you. Make sure that the armor you wear also protects you from your own arsenal.
  • Don’t go for skin-tight body armor.
  • If you notice some weight change, immediately replace it.
  • You can get back to battle after your armor has taken a hit or two.
  • It is paramount that you keep the vest dry. Keeping it dry will save it from quick wear and tear.

To Conclude Things

The body armor you will use will save you from getting harmed one way or another. But never put all the responsibility on the protective gear alone. You have to do your part to be safe as well.

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