10 Best Ways to Sign Off on an Email Online (100% FREE)

How do you sign off your email? You may have the usual way of doing so, or just got a couple of ideas from Google or your favorite search engine. If you landed on this blog to help in brainstorming, then you are on the right track.

We have ten best ways to sign off an email online and they are full of signature generators. We will cover a broad scope that includes some of the inbuilt ways to do it in the standard email platforms.

So, stick around to know how you can sign off an email using ways that are readily available on the internet.

CocoSign – Create a Signature for Your Email in Minutes

You don’t need a separate software to help you in signature creation. The presence of websites like CocoSign enable you do it online. All you need is a device that connects you to the internet and has a well-functioning browser.

Using the website is easy and it starts with creating an account. After that, you can swiftly create a signature using the ‘Create Signature’ button. Here, you are allowed to use what is at your disposal. That means you can type, draw or upload a photo of your signature.


It’s free to use it after the account creation and there are better offers to enjoy once the trial period is over. Your signature is stored securely using encryption protocols which are among the layers of security on the servers.

So, no one without a password can retrieve what you have created. You can use the e-signature to sign PDFs among other documents or use it on your email. It’s exportable by sending it to your email via CocoSign or downloading for later use.

If downloaded, you can use it on your email platform as a picture that appears at the end of your email. It’s pretty easy to use CocoSign since it’s compatible with all browsers and screen sizes.

That is why security is tight to ensure no one else accesses your account as you traverse across devices. The signature you create is usable for legal purposes since CocoSign is compliant with the current regulations that govern digital signatures and their security.

There is more to do with CocoSign once you join the platform. The emails will now have a new ending thanks to a signature creator that proves to be fast to use.


Exclaimer is a solution that can allow you to manage emails in one place. That is why it’s suitable for companies and organizations. Among other things, it will enable you to use an email signature on all your emails, and you only need to create it once.


What’s created can be shared among your peers at work, which is why it welcomes even those who are not tech-savvy. You, therefore, have a consistent way to sign your emails which also helps in marketing your brand.

Apart from creating the signature, Exclaimer allows banner addition which is great if you are in a campaigning season. There is a guideline to follow when creating the signature using the platform, and it’s pretty easy to follow through and get it done.

HubSpot Signature Tool

HubSpot also has a way to make your email ending unique. It does that by freely sharing the signature tool via the internet for anyone who wants to create one. To create the signature, you have to fill in some information that will structure the chosen template.

There are several formats to select from, and they are all designed to appear as your email footer. It may be hectic to include everything, but the interface is excellent and offers all the guidelines you need.

Once you are done, you can export the creation to your email platform.


Creating an email signature via the Newoldstamp website and integrating it with your email platform is also possible. This signature generator also promotes consistency by adding the signature you make every time you send an email.

You can integrate it with the G-Suite, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange. The features offered here include having a signature marketing campaign or an advanced signature generator. The best part is that you will have one platform to automate the email signatures.

Outlook Signature Generator

Personalized signatures on your email are also doable via Outlook. So, for Outlook users, you have a way out, and it’s among the features. The signature can be personalized as usual, and it will include your texts, a handwritten signature, image, links, and more.

You can choose to automate the signature to be there every time you send an email. While that seems like the essence, you can also choose to send the signature on a case-by-case. If you would like more customizing options, you can involve formatting with Word and then copy-pasting the text on the dialog box on Outlook.

Gmail Signature Generator

Gmail will also help you end your email with that signature note you have been looking for all along. Gmail is quite famous, but not many of us utilize the features it has to offer. There is a signature tool for you under the settings, and it will make your brand recognizable, among other things.

You can add your name, signature, photo, and links to your website and social media profiles. Like in most other tools, you can customize the font and how the footnote will appear. Once it’s done, it will appear on your email every time you send it.


This signature generator allows you to customize your email signature to your liking. It starts by adding your details and then font customization and adding other pieces of information follow. You can add almost anything that you would like to reflect as your footnote.

There is social media and app integration here, and that’s where WiseStamp performs best. Once you sign up for an account, including your website stamp and other social icons will be easy.


MySignature also has templates that you can choose from to make a branded signature for your emails. So, once you pick a preferred template format, the rest is about customizing according to your needs and go ahead to install it for your emails.


The website is mobile-friendly and customizable with Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail, among other platforms. So, you don’t need to worry about the signature’s appearance as you use different devices.


You may have known it as ZippySig, but now, it has a new name, Gimmio. It’s another platform to create custom email signatures and share them with your team. There are more than forty fonts available for use and numerous social media icons.

You also get to choose a layout before including everything else. The best part is that you can adjust everything, including the available fields and adding banners for marketing purposes.

Lastly, we have for your signature emails. Generating one starts by choosing your email platform, followed by an intuitive template. It’s possible to add personal information as well as your company details.

The style and font you need are doable here, and you can proceed to promote your social media profiles as well. Once you preview everything and become satisfied, you can apply it to your email.


The way you sign off an email is essential. That is why we are sharing with you ten ways to do it in your comfort. Whether you just want your trademark signature to appear or more than that, the above methods will assist in customizing the email signature.

Now, it’s time to get that signature on your email.

Written by Enaa Mari

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