Certified professional translation services

Certified professional translation services

Translations Services Company

Establishing a business in a new market can be challenging. Completing and submitting paperwork in another language than yours is even more so. Translation services companies like Pangea Global can help you overcome this challenge with flying colours. Providing a complete range of language services, including certified translation and notarisation as required, professional translation agencies spare you the time and the headache of going back and forth fixing errors in official documents. How do they do it? Simple. Typically, the translation process consists of two stages: converting text from the source language into the target language while paying close attention to style, terminology, scope, and revision. Adaptation, terminology harmonisation, and laser focus are ensured at the revision stage.

Another linguist carries out the translation revision than the translator, a reviser, whose task is to eliminate any errors that may have slipped the translator’s eye and ensure 100% accuracy by comparing the original content with the translation. Linguists use sophisticated translation techniques and tools, such as CAT and Translation Memory to speed up the process and guarantee quality at both the translation and revision stages.

Apart from investing in advanced translation tools, translation services companies also invest in human resources. After all, the translators are the ones rolling the ball. Being multilingual is not a quality enough to become a translator.

Before joining a translator agency, linguists go through a thorough testing process that aims to test their skills for both translation and revision. This allows translation companies to select only the best of the best, which empowers them to guarantee high-quality services.

With over a decade of experience in the translation services industry, Pangea Global ticks off all the boxes when it comes to fast turnaround, high quality, and laser focus. Contact us to find out more.

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