10 Most Profitable Car Parts to Sell

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Disposing of an old car can mean two things: You can either sell the car as a whole or you can dismantle it and sell its parts. When the car is old, rundown or broken selling it as a drivable car will be hard. However, you can still sell your junk car in Penrith as a whole to a wrecker and immediately get you the money you need as they often use it for scrap metal and spare parts, so are willing to spend more on it.

Selling car parts is also something that you can consider doing. While it can take longer to profit from them, it’s considerably a smart method of disposing of your car. Selling car parts individually gives you higher value than selling it as a whole.

Most of the time, the pieces you salvage from a junk car can cover the cost of the vehicle as a whole. To make the most out of your car, you need to know where to sell and which parts are worth selling.

Where to Sell Car Parts?

The automotive industry remains one of the most profitable sectors today. Despite the challenges the world has faced, people are still very active in buying cars. So, there is a wide range of options available if you want to sell your car or car parts. 


The first and safest option is to sell your car parts to dealerships. Contrary to what the majority of us know, car dealerships do not only sell brand new cars, they are also in the market to buy. Take, for example, car dealerships such as SunToyota. Aside from selling cars and offering maintenance services they give the best value in exchange for your used vehicle or parts.


Another option is to sell it online since there is a growing online market for almost every product. Online channels such as Facebook or eBay can help you reach potential buyers and dispose of the parts immediately.


Now that you know where to sell, let us look into the most profitable parts that you can sell. 

  • Junkyards

The first step is to go to or call your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Different states require specific restrictions regarding the scrapping of a car. Because of this, you need to go over the DMV’s regulations. These include rules for your vehicle’s licence plate, title, and registration.


To legally scrap your car, you need to complete certain procedures. Understanding and adhering to these rules is the best approach to avoid future legal problems.


Your license plate must be surrendered to your local DMV, tax collector’s office, or license plate agency. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences, such as a driver’s license suspension. Aside from that, many states require different documentation to be completed when junking a car.


Your local DMV can supply you with a separate form to complete. That’s why before selling your junk car, be sure you’re familiar with all of the rules. Once you have completed everything ahead of time, the process will be quicker and easier.

  • Your Own Online Shop

You have complete control over your online store. That means, unlike eBay and Amazon, you won’t have fees slapped on each transaction. Additionally, you can decide what price your car parts will have.


Setting up your e-commerce store allows you to better communicate your brand. It can also help you form more direct ties with your clients. Customer relationships contribute to loyalty and repeat business. Moreover, client retention is cheaper than customer acquisition.

  • eBay

eBay is one of the best sites to sell auto parts, especially if they are rare. During the second quarter of 2021, there were 159 million eBay users around the world.


According to eBay, it has around 90 million auto parts listings. The website offers a variety of tools that help automobile sellers. And this includes tools that make adding fitment to your listings easier.

  • Amazon 

Amazon’s marketplace also assists small enterprises in reaching a wider audience. There are a few things to keep in mind while selling auto parts on Amazon. You need to have a warranty for refurbished or renewed items.

Most Profitable Car Parts to Sell

Most car companies offer a warranty for buying a new car. For example, Toyota’s new car warranty provides people with a 36 months warranty period. On top of their basic coverage, you can get powertrain, rust-through, and emissions coverage. 

And, if it gets damaged or stolen, Toyota cars have carefree car protection. This means that they cover up to $1,000 of your car insurance deductibles.

However, as attractive as these may be, most people still prefer buying car parts. Even if their car gets damaged, they’ll replace the parts affected by the damage. And it can be due to the 3.7% increase in car prices this year.For this reason, it’s a smart move to sell car parts to car enthusiasts. 


The best-selling products change every month. While the demand differs each month, certain products continue to be the most popular. Below are some of the car parts and accessories that are constantly in demand:

  • Engine and Transmission

If your engine and transmission are still working, they can be used in another car. Some car owners may decide to replace their broken engine or transmission with cheaper ones. 

Engines and transmissions can also be rebuilt or remanufactured by companies. These can be sold with warranties after being thoroughly tested. Additionally, their worn parts will be replaced with new ones. 

This is a less expensive option than buying a new engine. Private purchasers, car recyclers, repair shops, and remanufacturing firms are all potential buyers.

  • Air Conditioning System

Selling valuable pieces separately from a working air conditioning system helps you make some extra money. The compressor is one of the most valuable parts of your AS system. It can be reused or remanufactured. This makes someone else’s air conditioning continue to function. 

Other components, like the condenser, may also be useful. Auto recyclers, repair shops, and remanufacturing corporations are all potential buyers.

  • Alternator and Starter

These two parts are permanently attached to your engine. The huge amount of copper wiring inside their steel shells gives them a unique value. They can be resold as is or after being remanufactured. This is despite the fact that they have a lot of inherent material value. These parts are always in demand among auto recyclers and junkyards.

  • Radiator

A substantial amount of aluminum is generally found in your car’s radiator. This makes it valuable as a stand-alone item. Because your radiator is usually located right up front, it is simple to remove from your vehicle. A junkyard or an auto parts recycling business are good places to sell your car’s radiator.

  • Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires are essential car components. In addition to this, they also improve the car’s performance and style. They’re among the simplest and most useful changes any car enthusiast can make.

Your junk car’s wheels and tires can surely be sold separately to make some extra cash. These products are also quite simple to take out of your vehicle.

  • Airbags

Modern cars these days are equipped with safety features that prevent car accidents. As an example, Toyota guarantees drivers safety with Toyota safety sense. As the name suggests, Toyota cars are equipped with a high-tech system that helps you on the road. It can detect oncoming cars, even during the night, and assists you to keep a safe distance from them.

That is if you are driving cars with high-tech systems for safe driving.

Old models don’t have such high-tech systems to help you prevent road accidents. They do, however, have airbags that keep you safe during a car crash.

While airbags are present in most cars, when it is deployed following a collision, it should be replaced. Because every car sold now comes with several airbags, an industry has developed. This paves way for cheaper airbags as compared to expensive brand new ones.

  • Bumpers

Today’s automobile bumpers are really sophisticated. Modern bumpers are no longer just plain metal bars of the past. They are now integrated perfectly into a car’s body, merging its front- and rear-end appearance. Air inlets, brake vents, fog lights, aerodynamic aids, and other trim items are all found on bumpers. 

Bumpers are usually the first thing that is damaged in an accident. Some people have warranties included in their cars. Such an example is Toyota’s bumper-to-bumper warranty. However, they only offer a 3-year warranty. So if you own a Toyota car for more than 3 years and damage its bumpers, you can’t avail the warranty.

If they are badly crushed because of the accident, then they should be replaced. Because new bumpers are expensive, buyers and body shops are looking for used alternatives. You can sell them on eBay or to a vehicle recycler if they’re in good condition.

  • Fenders

Fenders are exposed car parts located at its four corners. They are usually damaged or destroyed in small and large collisions. Because used fenders are repainted to match the rest of the car, they are popular as replacement parts. Recycling yards, body shops, and eBay and Craigslist buyers are all potential buyers for your car’s fenders.

  • Headlights and Taillights

Headlight and taillight are increasingly becoming sophisticated. These parts are quite expensive when purchased new. This is why used versions will hold some value. 

Your headlight assemblies are worth even more if your car has pricey HID, Xenon, or LED headlights. Many vehicles use pricey LEDs even in the taillights. Replacement is the only choice when these parts are hit and destroyed. 

Automotive recycling yards are your greatest bet for a buyer. Another fantastic option is to sell these products on eBay.

  • Car Door

A car’s doors can easily be destroyed in a side-impact crash and require repair. Today, a whole door assembly is really valuable. Auto recyclers will want to buy some for their parts inventories. On the other hand, you can sell them on Craigslist or eBay.


You may not have any use for your old car, but other people have different needs for it. For example, they may want to upgrade their car with accessories that you have. Most people nowadays like to improve their car instead of getting a new one. 

Purchasing a new car can be less expensive if you wait for holiday car deals. However, the wait can sometimes be excruciating. Additionally, some people need a working car immediately for personal purposes. That’s why most people opt to buy car parts that they lack to fix their damaged cars.


Selling car parts is more profitable than selling a car as a whole. As the car’s value depreciates, car parts get more expensive. This is especially true for parts from a rare model. So, if you want to dispose of your car, you can always dismantle it and sell its parts.


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