How to Take Care of Your Horse-The Daily Routine

Like any other common animal out there, horses need to be taken care of as well. However, they need a little extra care, since it is important to keep them fit. So if you’ve always wanted a horse, it is important to understand the costs of everything involved plus, the different ways to take care of them to the fullest. Here’s what you will have to do while taking care of them:

  • Feed Them Timely

Like us humans, animals need to be fed timely as well. Because they aren’t involved with using technology, they will sleep on time and wake up early in the morning. Therefore, if you have a habit of waking up late, you will eventually end up pissing off the poor animal. Ensure to feed the horses hay or grain, every morning and night. It will ensure that they are fuller and can run around feeling energetic. On the contrary, if your horse gets an upset stomach or develops a major issue, you’ll have to look for the best supplement for gastric ulcers in horses online. 

  • Clean and Refill the Water Buckets

Now that dengue has emerged as a major problem across the globe, you need to provide the horses with clean drinking water, during the day and night. Ensure to dispose of the dirty water and refill the water buckets before you go to sleep. First thing in the morning, you need to wash the water buckets and refill them with fresh water. No wonder, fresh water is essential for their health and horses need to drink plenty of water during the day. 

  • Exercise is Important

Just as we humans require an ample amount of exercise to stay fit, horses need to walk long miles during the day, so they stay fit and active for a long time. Taking them out several times a week and letting them run around the ring or on a trail will be of a big benefit. Secondly, if you’re a big fan of horse riding yourself, it will be a great activity for them. Try lunging on them and always go out for a morning walk with your animal. 

  • Remove Blankets in the Morning

Now that winter is here, horses need to be taken off to the fullest. For this to happen, you better remove their blankets in the morning and replace them before going to bed. Secondly, if your horse has pooped on the blanket, you’ll have to change it. After all, dirty blankets are a source of diseases making their way on the skin. Ensure to spray the horse with insect repellent, so they can walk around and stretch their legs. 

  • Muck Out Stalls

If you don’t know, it means removing the urine spots and dirty stuff around the horse. As explained above, if your horse has pooped, you will have to clean it quickly before the poor animal contracts a skin disease. Mucking out is much easier than you think but might take a while. You can consider domestic help with getting this done. 

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