10 Must-Have Beach Essentials for a Perfect Beach Day

10 Must-Have Beach Essentials for a Perfect Beach Day

How awful would it be if you have planned a perfect day at the beach to sunbathe and you realise you forgot your sunscreen lotion at home? It will be a disaster. It sucks to forget things and not be able to use them when you want them the most. But don’t worry! This article has got you covered.

This list contains vital things to carry with you to the beach, from minor items like sunscreen to bigger ones like a beach tent. So let’s dive into this list of best beach essentials for a perfect beach day.

  1. Waterproof Phone Case

Beach is one of the places where your phone is more likely to get damaged due to water, sand or even theft.

Carry a waterproof phone case with you so that your phone won’t get wet and get damaged with the sand going through the speakers and ports of your smartphone. A phone case with a strong string attached to it will also help you carry it and keep it safe.

  1. A Sand Proof Beach Bag

A beach bag will help you carry all your stuff on the beach so that you won’t lose them anywhere. Being sand proof will ensure that sand doesn’t stick on or enter into it.

  1. Sun Protective Hat

Wear a wide hat while on the beach to protect yourself from sunlight and heat. Direct sunlight and heat can cause sunburn, heat exhaustion and dehydration too.

  1. Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreens protect your skin from getting sunburned and damaged due to heat. It also protects you from UV rays and reduces the risk of skin aging and uneven skin tone too.

  1. Gadgets

A good beach day becomes the best day when you can listen to your favourite music playlist. Carry your essential gadgets like a Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or your e-book reader to make the best of them.

  1. Lots of Water

Being on a beach means being in the sunlight for hours. All that heat can cause dehydration in your body. So carry a lot of water with you to stay hydrated.

  1. Cup Holders to Hold Your Drinks

A spilled drink can feel like heartbreak. It’s best to carry sand cup holders to hold your beverages, so they won’t get spilled while you play and swim.

  1. Quick Drying Beach Towels

You should carry an anti-sand, quick-drying beach towel with you. It dries quickly, and unlike a conventional towel, sand doesn’t stick on a beach towel. Beach towels are best to dry you quickly and keep the sand away from your body.

  1. Beach Tent

A beach tent is a perfect companion for your beach day. You can keep all of your stuff safely in it. It will also protect you from direct sunlight if you want to take a nap in it.

  1. Sunglasses

If you want to enjoy watching the ocean and the sunny sky, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses to the beach. They will protect your eyes from the sun’s direct rays, wind and prevent dust particles from entering your eyes.

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So that was the list of 10 must-have things you need to carry to the beach to fully enjoy your fantastic beach day. Make sure you tick off this checklist before you head out to the beach. Or else you know how it feels to forget things at home after reaching the beach. Don’t let that happen. So, have a fantastic beach day!

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