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Medical science requires an integrated approach to the study of educational disciplines. Modern trends in digital medical education, modern education using distance information technologies will allow you to study the fundamental disciplines of the first years of study in a modern educational complex without visiting classrooms and without crossing the borders. That minimizes the risks associated with a threat to health and without prejudice to the development of educational programs. The Master’s program will allow you to master and prepare healthcare managers anywhere in the world, relying on the unique experience of leaders of the Russian and international public health.

To apply for Sechenov University, follow the below mention steps:

1. Notarized translation of your passport into Russian.

2. Certificate of Secondary Education with consular legalization or with the Apostille stamp. More information about the legalization of documents at:
Please note that a Certificate of Secondary education obtained in the Russian Federation does not require legalization, affixing an Apostille stamp or a certificate of recognition.

3. Notarized translation of the educational document into Russian.
Certificate of recognition of foreign education. It is provided by the Main State Center for Education Assessment (Glavexpertsentr). Here you will find information on how to obtain a Certificate of
To submit documents to Sechenov University, it is necessary to register in the applicant’s personal account on the official website of the Sechenov University

Further, according to the instructions in the personal account, attach all the necessary documents.

for more info check:


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