10 Steps to Take When Choosing Best Telugu Typing Software for PC

10 Steps to Take When Choosing Best Telugu Typing Software for PC

Typing is a skill that can be acquired with time and practice. If you are considering going to a typing tutor, times have changed and you will hardly find someone in person who will teach you typing. However, all is not lost and you can always get Telugu Typing Software for PC if you intend to master the language.

Consider the below-listed steps and you will definitely be able to shortlist the best typing software for Telugu.

1. Look for multipurpose Software

The market is full of options and picking up the best would definitely be a tough task. Always pick up the software that allows you to work on multiple formats. Ideally, choose the one which creates word documents, presentations, writes emails and also allows you to work in excel. This way you can meet all your personal and professional needs.

2. Think about usage by multiple people

A common mistake that people do while buying any such software is that they invest in a product that works in a language they are comfortable with. Always keep in mind that the Telugu typing software for PC which you are buying must support multiple language inputs. Get typing software that encourages people, think or write in the language they are comfortable with. Some software requires fluency in English, go for a typing software that does not have a compulsion for users to be fluent in English.

3. Software should support multiple Window formats

When you choose Telugu typing software, keep in mind that it should support different Windows versions.  It is better if you get a software that is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. This will allow you to use the particular product for a longer time period even if you change your PC or laptop. Also, check out your typing speed using the spacebar speed test.

4. Easy to use and intuitive

Everything that glows is not gold and this applies to the Telugu typing software as well. Invest in a product which features an intuitive users interface along with multiple easy to manage tools. The software must have an auto-completion feature and the ability to judge a particular sentence from its initial few words. Thus making it easy for you to get your work done.

5. Software should be compatible with an English keyboard

As all PCs generally have a keyboard with the English alphabets, always pick the typing software that is compatible with the English keyboard. In case, you skip this vital step, the true purpose of buying the product could go to waste.

6. Choose a licensed product

Always ensure that you get a licensed product that can be used on a single PC. Such software comes without any additional charges and you will have to make a one-time payment for getting access to a hassle-free service.

7. Choose a product that comes with Free Trial

Pick a software that offers a fully functional trial period. There is a wide variety of Telugu typing software for PC available in the market, which offers a free trial period ranging from 3 to 7 days. Check out all the essential features of thf software during the trial period and invest in the best product from the entire lot. Once you are satisfied with the software after using the trial version, purchasing and activation of the same can be done. This will definitely be a smart decision and you will enjoy working on the software and leverage out all the features offered by the particular.

8. Choose software that has multiple validity options

Some Telugu typing software for PC is available only on yearly validity plans, while there are others that come with quarterly, monthly or half-yearly validity plans. The price also varies accordingly. Therefore, you should do a detailed fact check before going for the final investment. Compare all the features that the software is offering with the ones that you are looking for.

9. Choose software that allows transfer across PC

Many typing software are designed in such a way that they only work on a single PC. In case, the system malfunctions due to any reason, the activated license will be a complete waste, causing financial loss. Search for Telugu typing software that allows license transfer between PCs and that too at no additional cost. Invest in a product which will ensure proper guarantee against all kind of system malfunctions.

10. Check with someone who has a Telugu typing software

Last but not the least, get in touch with your friends who have installed any such software. A person who has already worked on any such software will definitely guide you to the best product.

Well, all set for getting your own Telugu typing software!  Keep these points in mind and you will definitely get the best typing software available in the market.

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