10 tips for using your hair straightener

hair straightener

Using a hair straightener without danger and with a perfect result? It is obviously possible. Here are the tips used for hair straightening without damaging them. 


Prepare your hair before straightening it:

The 1st and the foremost step in hair straightening is to make a mind for hair straightening with a hair straightener. 

Protect your hair:

Before using a styler, we apply a thermal protective product which will therefore protect our hair against the heat of the styler.


Apply a smoothing base:

You might think that this is an injunction to consume more products and yet: using a straightening bass will help you straighten your hair faster.

And therefore, to reduce the time of use of the styler, for a faster and safer result. 

Blow dry your hair before using the straightener

We don’t always think about it and yet: drying your hair before straightening it again reduces the impact of heat.

To do this, equip yourself with a good, powerful hair dryer, which will help relax your hair, making the smoothing that will follow even easier. Brushing is not necessary: ​​just finger dry them or use a simple brush. 

The right things to do to straighten your hair:

Ask a professional for advice on choosing your straightener

There are a huge number of hair straighteners on the market. To make the right choice, the easiest way is to take professional advice.

Your hairdresser, for example: he knows you – he has done your hair at least once! – and he is used to handling stylers. It will thus help you to choose the right type of straightening iron according to your nature and your hair length.

Divide – for better styling!

Part your hair in 2, on each side of the shoulders. Take wicks that are not very abundant: the finer the separations, the more perfect the result will be.


Have the right gestures:

When you straighten your hair, you start from the back of your neck and work your way up towards the face. Always.

Then, we give “tension” on the wick: to do this, we pull gently on the wick with the hand or with a pneumatic brush with natural bristles / boar bristles before passing the straightener.


Know how to position your straightener:

First position the bottom plate and close the straightener at the last moment. Always.

Then, we slide gently by pulling slightly inward. Otherwise, you will have a demarcation on the strands and the small hairs will come out.

Use a styler with wide plates

Whether you have long , thin or thick hair , it is best to use a straightener equipped with wide plates, for a better result obtained faster. CQFD.


Lower the temperature of the straightener!

We tend to believe that the hotter a styler, the more effective it is: this is FALSE! A styler can go up to a temperature of 220 to 270 °.

However, the ideal temperature to transform the hair without damaging it is 180 °. Underneath, it is not hot enough and it is necessary to pass several times on the wick, at the risk of dehydrating the hair.

Conversely, above, the temperature permanently damages the hair and makes it dull.


Do not run the straightener 20 times over each strand

One or two passages max are more than enough to permanently straighten the hair. Otherwise, we damage them!

If you want to like your hair to be straight permanently at least for 6 months, you should try magic sleek once. It’s harmless and formaldehyde free and is safe from any harms. 


>> With these good tips, all you have to do is choose the styler that suits you the best.



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