5 Easiest Ways To Enhance the Accuracy of OCR Solutions

OCR Technology

Cutting Edge OCR Technology

OCR solutions bring revolution in the character recognition industry. It can digitize all types of data from handwritten to computer printed. OCR technology just needs an image of the document to extract data from it. Generally, OCR solutions give accuracy up to 98% which is more than enough. It means that one in a thousand characters might be wrongly interpreted. Classifying data from unstructured and semi-structured databases was a hard task for businesses. OCR can help in this case also, it can be used to pluck characters and words from the above classes of data.

The traditional OCR solutions can work on word and character levels using character recognition and pattern recognition respectively. The modern OCR solutions work by comparing each character to the known databases. It then analyzes the whole word by finding the closest one in the dictionary.

OCR technology also used in mobile apps that give results in real-time. One has to just place the camera in front of the document page and the digitized data shown on the mobile screen. Language translation apps are the best example of OCR technology. Data from hard documents are automated and translated at the same time. You can consider an award winning translation company like offsoreally for all your translation needs.

OCR for Businesses

About every industry is using OCR technology in different forms. The “OCR for businesses” service allows companies to extract from bulks of data. As numerous businesses have to deal with thousands of paper documents daily like banks and the legal sector. With the usage of  OCR technology, they have streamlined their operations. Now data management and manipulation are much easier. Data searching, deleting and editing can be done with just one click. Also, hard data storage was a crucial task when it comes to security. The documents can store in a single flash drive that before takes big rooms.

OCR also used at airports for passport screening decreasing passenger onboarding time.  The passengers just have to put the passport at the scanner. It just takes seconds and gives many conveniences to the airport staff and travelers as well.

The capability of the OCR solution is judged on how it interprets the right character rather than how it reads the wrong character. The rate of accuracy analyzes by the extracting techniques that an OCR uses. Let’s have a look at how the accuracy of OCR technology can be improved.

Steps to Improve OCR Accuracy

1.     Better Image Quality

Being the first step of data extraction, it should be keenly managed. The images given to the OCR can be of poor quality, as all the mobile phone cameras do not have good image quality. Scanning a blurred and unclear image can slow the extraction speed of OCR.

2.     Right Image Size

Like the above, the image can be in different sizes and have numerous extensions. Finding the right size and correct extensions can be a difficult task. The image below than the required size can result in incorrect results and higher can increase the size of the output file without giving any further clear results.

3.     Managing Contrast of Image

Images have different contrasts depending on the camera quality and light exposure. The right exposure can give better results and decrease the time.

4.     Noise Removal

The areas in the image that have no concern with the data known as noise areas. Not every part has the data. It causes delays while extracting data. Black dots and unnecessary areas need to eliminate before giving data extraction results.

5.     Document Alignment

The verified documents should be properly aligned and must have a proper standard. The document is first vertically and horizontally aligned and then a proper standard is given to it.

Summing It Up

With the integration of artificial intelligence with OCR, the data accuracy is at the highest level. There are minimal or negligible mistakes in data extraction. Businesses can save their time and funds that wasted on paper document management.


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