3 Popular Ways To Consume Cannabis

To date, 18 states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. In addition, since 2018 and the passing of the Farm Bill, growing hemp for cannabidiol (CBD) products has been legal across the United States. Due to this legislation passing throughout the country, the cannabis industry has been booming.

However, there are various ways to smoke cannabis products. If you are looking for an Ooze discount code to save money on Ooze products, then you need to check out which has thousands of deals on other smoking accessories.

A myriad of cannabis products has hit the market, from CBD-only products to cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) hybrids to THC-only products. With all of these new products comes a wide range of ways to consume them. Cannabis lovers have found plentiful ways to consume it, and some are more popular than others. Today, we’ll explore three of the most popular ways to consume cannabis.

Keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration does not approve cannabis products to prevent, treat, or cure any medical condition or disease. In addition, you should always consult your doctor before beginning any new supplement.

  1. Smoking Cannabis

By far, the most popular way to consume cannabis is by smoking it. Smoking cannabis has been the primary means of consuming it for decades. However, there are various ways to smoke cannabis products.

A smoking method that’s recently gained more popularity is the gravity bong. Gravity bongs are smoking apparatuses that use gravity and water to draw smoke from the cannabis and force it back out. Gravity pulls water down through a chamber, creating a vacuum that sucks air through the ignited bowl at the top. The smoke then moves through the chamber until the water pushes out into your lungs. This process is known for producing powerful effects. So when you’re looking for the best gravity bong, consider one that gives you complete control of the airflow to avoid coughing.

The tried-and-true methods for smoking cannabis include a pipe and joints. Pipes, also known as bowls, are the traditional method involving packing the pipe’s bowl with ground cannabis, lighting it, and smoking it. The classic joint is simply a sheet of rolling paper with ground cannabis lining the center, rolled, and smoked like a cigarette.

  1. Vaping Cannabis

A more modern way of consuming cannabis is by vaping it. There are a wide variety of vaping tools available to consumers. Some of the most popular include disposable vape pens, cartridges, and vape juice for separate vape mods. However, there are also dry herb vaporizers. Instead of burning cannabis to form smoke, these vaporizers heat it until the terpenes and cannabinoids turn into vapor. Dry herb vaporizers typically create less odor and produce smoother hits.

On the other hand, conventional vaporizers use vape oil, a liquid consisting of CBD extract, THC extract, or both meant to be heated into a vapor and inhaled. These vape juices come in many different flavors and potencies.

  1. Cannabis Edibles

3 Popular Ways To Consume Cannabis

Cannabis edibles are precisely what they sound like, food infused with cannabis. While many consumers used to make these products at home with whatever they had around the house, most often brownies, manufacturers are jumping into this market nowadays. Cannabis manufacturers offer all sorts of edibles, including baked goods, candy, and even mints.

To use an edible, consumers eat the product, digest it, and feel the effects within an hour or so after ingesting it. Typically, the effects of cannabis last longer when consumed as an edible despite taking longer to feel.

Cannabis Consumers have Plenty of Options

From smoking to vaping to eating cannabis, consumers have a wide array of choices when it comes to this product. Remember, if you want to use cannabis products containing THC, be sure to check your state’s legalities on marijuana to ensure you’re not breaking the law. If recreational marijuana is illegal in your state, ensure you only purchase zero-THC cannabis products.

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