Concrete VS. Wood Flooring: Which Is Better?

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Two flooring materials are in a tight competition. Most property owners are stuck between concrete and wood flooring, and it is a close battle! Read on to today’s article to help you distinguish concrete and wood materials and choose what fits your preferences.

Also, you can prefer  Floor Screeding which is most commonly used to level out a concrete sub-base, especially when it is particularly uneven, as well as giving more tolerance in the application of sensitive floor finishes.

At the end of the day, the one that would win your heart is the material that will meet all the factors that play into your flooring requirements. Here are the common identifying elements when choosing your flooring.

  • Area size
  • Location of your property
  • The climate in the region
  • Budgetary requirements
  • Desired design outcome
  • Maintenance requirement
  • Flooring area installation
  • Time requirement and manpower

Comparing which is the better flooring: is it Wood or Concrete?

Each factor listed above is crucial when determining if a concert or wood floorings would be the one for you.

Let’s break down each! Afterward, get a side-by-side comparison of the concrete flooring and wooden floors.

Area Size: Which fits better?

The first aspect that you may want to see first is the size of the flooring space you need to resurface.

Here’s an important consideration. Experts at concrete Indianapolis advise every owner to measure how small or huge the area is.

Applying concrete takes a single pouring for the compound to cover up an entire space. So a more prominent space would be perfect with concrete if you need to save up time. Wooden flooring will require you to prep the surface and lay each plank which may take more time.

Property location: Which will survive longer?

There is no exact answer to which material is better when you take into consideration the location.

Both concrete and wood floors are durable. However, depending on the climate in your, either concrete floors or wooden floorings would fit.

You need to watch out for the weather as rain and moist climate. Rainwater affects the steel reinforcement of the concrete floors, and wooden materials will also rot faster when exposed to too much water.

Maintenance requirement

Let’s jump into the maintenance requirement. Another important consideration when choosing which is better is the maintenance you will encounter in the future, and you need to think ahead here.

Concrete considerably has more advantages in maintenance, and the monolith flooring allows for fast and smooth cleaning. And unlike the wooden surfaces where wood veins might be areas where dirt and grit may collect, thus causing hard to clean surfaces.

Maintenance plays a significant influence on the flooring material of your choice. In choosing, you need to weigh the degree of cleaning and repair for both residential concrete floors and if you are a business owner with Las Vegas commercial concrete.

Hardcore Comparison of Wood and Concrete floors

The following summary gives essential categories to distinguish wooden floors from concrete. 

Comparison Summary
Category Concrete Wood
BASIC COMPONENTS Cement mix containing sand, gravel, aggregates, water as a binder Solid wood, manufactured lumber
DURABILITY Resistant to wear and tear, suitable for high traffic areas and vehicle traffic areas May produce scratches and signs of wearing under high traffic areas
MOISTURE RESISTANT Moisture will not damage the cement materials, however, without concrete sealer corrosion would cause  the flooring reinforcement made of steel to crumble Wood materials would rot and weaken under constant water exposure
INSTALLATION COST Labor and material average cost: $2 to $5 per square foot Labor and material average cost: starts at $12
THICKNESS REQUIREMENT Typically at 4 inches for standard flooring 3 inch to 5 inches depending on the use
FINISH Staining, acid  staining, or clear concrete coat Wood staining and clear coat 

Wrap Up

The better material would always be the one that would pass all significant categories of your flooring requirements. Do not just jump into the bandwagon where one material is more expensive; thus, you think it is the best. To sure connect with professionals in your local city to guide you in the right flooring project path.

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