4 Types Of Home Furniture For Your Feline Friend In 2021

4 Types Of Home Furniture For Your Feline Friend In 2021

Cat furniture is a great way to enhance your pet’s environment. They provide a conducive place for your cat to play, you can also use them to store toys and play items. In addition, they help to provide a place where you can leave your cat all by themselves and give them a safe place away from potentially harmful objects like wires.

If you have more than one cat, or your kitty likes to be alone, you will find that these are ideal for providing her with a place of her own where she can feel safe and secure. If you’re thinking of adding a cat to your household or you already have one, here’s a guide on some cat home furniture that might make your feline friend more comfortable.

1. Wall Shelves

The type of cat furniture that you choose will depend largely on your cat’s personality and the situation. Before you begin looking for new furniture for your cat, make sure you know exactly what your cat’s normal habits are. While cats are notorious escape artists if they have a favorite place to go take note of it. Otherwise, your pet might feel like it’s “escaping” every time you put it in its special spot

For instance, if your cat is a house cat, then go for cat shelves that you might see in shelters where there are multiple cats. Cat shelves are usually long and narrow so they can easily fit through any door or opening, if you would like to organize them yourself then it won’t be a hassle since they are normally made out of sturdy plastic or metal.

If your cat is an outdoor cat, then you will probably want to purchase something more outdoorsy. There are plenty of cat-themed wall shelves available as well. Some of these features beautiful landscaping elements such as hanging toys or even small trees.

Others may have an ornate design that would look wonderful in your home. Most of these decorative pieces attach to the wall with screws or other hardware so they can be quickly and easily detached and moved if you’d like to redecorate.

2. Scratching Post

Whether you have a kitty that’s just a few weeks old, or you’ve got an older cat who’s still discovering the world, cats need to be entertained. They do this by scratching. And while scratching can be fun for both you and your cat, it can also lead to problems if you have furniture or other furnishings that are too hard for them to jump on. Finding the perfect scratching post for your cat is easy, but finding one that’s right for your pet may require some search time.

You should also take into account your cat’s activity level. Do they scratch regularly? Do they like Is there furniture you can buy that will keep them off tables and other areas that might hurt their claws? Knowing your cat’s behavior will help you find the perfect scratching post holder.

A great addition to your cat’s room is a scratching post. You can purchase them pre-made or you can build your own. Cat scratching posts are made from inexpensive materials, such as wood. You should be able to find items at your local hardware store that will be suitable for the job. Just remember not to buy ones with sharp materials so they don’t potentially hurt your cat.

3. Cushioned Cat Beds

Cushioned cat beds also make a nice addition to your cat’s play area. If you decide to buy one of these items, you should make sure they are easy to clean. Cat beds are a great way to give your cat a place of their own to nap. There are several different styles available, ranging from those that are simply beds to those that have litter boxes built right in.

4. Cat Trees

Cat trees can also be a fun option. Some are made of cedarwood and others are made from various types of materials such as wire, plastic, or even fabric. Your cat can climb up and down the tree with ease.

Some people even prefer to let their cats run free in the backyard during the day. If this sounds like your cat you can build an additional cat tree outside your home. Don’t forget to clear the surroundings and get rid of debris and materials that might cause them injury.

In Conclusion

Once you know exactly what type of cat furniture you need, you’ll be ready to go shopping. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming. Just keep your cat’s comfort in mind. You’ll need something that will allow them to have a place where they can rest and stretch out. You’ll need something soft and cuddly, but it doesn’t need to be too plush.

Written by Addison Taylor

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