How to Create a Line Sheet using InDesign?

Have you ever heard about the InDesign app? If nit then the wholesale business that you are just planning to start might make you think of using it. So, to have a proper knowledge about this app is a must for you.

InDesign app is an excellent program that lets you gather the information about the products that you are planning to sell from other graphic packages and hand drawings and you can get it in a simple one presentation document.

Most prominently, this application is used by the landscape designers. However, it is also helpful in making the line sheets, the layout of the skate documents, image sheets, master plan design, and also the portfolio. It is also widely used for the graphic illustration of colored document.

Here is how you can use InDesign app to create a line sheet of your own.

How to create a line sheet using InDesign?

how to create a line sheet? It is most often used by the desktop publishing programs such as Adobe’s InDesign, and there exist a lot rules that you have to follow in the existing line sheet documents.

Step# 1

The very first step is to open the application, choose the option “New,” then go to choosing the option “Document” in the menu from “File.” Then, choose “Letter” from the “Page Size” in the pulldown menu. Here you have to enter “One” in the “Number” that is present under the “Columns” of the text box. From the text field enter “0.5” in both the “Top” and the “Bottom” and click “OK” in the end.

Step# 2

The next step is to choose the “Line tool” after clicking the “Tool Palette.” By placing the cursor on the top edge of the document. Draw a straight line of almost 7.5 inches by pressing and dragging the mouse from right to the left.

Step# 3

After choosing the option “Selection” click the line and select the “Window” option from the Bar menu.  Scroll down the “Stroke” option to carry the Stroke panel.

Step# 4

You have to choose the preset weight and write the numeric number in the field for the line. Then you have to select “Enter” and press “Return.”

Step# 5

In the first step use the selection tool by pressing the line. Then select “Edit,” from the menu bar and move towards “Step and then Repeat.”

Step# 6

In the text field “Repeat Count” enter a number “60.” Then enter “zero” in the “Horizontal Off-set” and in add a value “0.1667” in the “vertical Off-set.”  Press “OK” in the last. You will have your line sheet designed in the tool.

The 60 that you entered in the field is for the distance of the line that you want to create, after which the exact copies will flow to your computer.

Why Use InDesign?

With the strongest type-setting features and is one of the most amazing application that allows you to make an eye-catching and attractive line sheets for your wholesale businesses. You can also make some e-books and magazines. It intermingles with the Digital Adobe Publishing Solution as well as various other digital publications.

Final Words

You can use InDesign to create some best invitation cards, line sheets and business cards as well for your wholesale business. It can prove to be one of your authentic choice which helps you compete in the retail market even better than ever.

Written by Crystal Rae

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