4 Work From Home Essentials to Improve Your Productivity

4 Work From Home Essentials to Improve Your Productivity

Some predict that over 40% of the American workforce will continue to be remote workers or work from home over the next few years.

But many of these workers do not have a good home office setup or a separate space that allows them to be productive. They find themselves without the equipment they need to focus and produce quality work.

So, is it possible to have high productivity and thrive while working from home? Yes, it is 100% possible with these work from home essentials. Read on to find out what they are!

  1. Copier

Administrative staff in the law and medical fields, for example, need to send lots of letters and correspondence. They also need to print and sign lots of forms and often make many copies. This is time-consuming and frustrating on regular home office printers and scanners.

The solution is to get a professional copier for you or your employees. If you have admin staff with these responsibilities, you could lease one for your company.

That way, your staff can fulfill their duties, but you can return the copier when your staff returns to the office.

  1. Extra Computer Equipment

Hunching over a laptop is fine for sporadic working days out of the office, but not long term. To be as productive as possible, your computer equipment needs to be top-notch.

These are work from home essentials all workers need in their home office:

  • Extra monitor/computer screen
  • Extra computer mouse
  • Extra keyboard
  • Laptop stand
  • Cushioned mouse pad

With this equipment, you will be able to prop up your laptop so you can use two screens for extra productivity. And you will also need a separate mouse and keyboard.

This setup will not only help your employees work faster, but they will be less likely to suffer from eye strain or develop wrist injuries.

  1. Ergonomic Desk Chair 

Speaking of injuries, a comfortable desk chair is essential to combating the health problems associated with bad posture in office workers.

A good desk chair should be flush with your back so that it offers full lumbar support. You should not have to lean forward in an ergonomic desk chair. It should also have armrests and be adjustable so your feet touch the floor.

You can get a ergonomic computer chair for a comfortable and relaxing chair to improve your productivity

  1. Motivational Decor

Did you know that some studies show that plants improve the mood and productivity of office workers?

They do, so it is vital that if you are working from home that you are in an environment you find appealing and motivating. Placing lots of leafy plants around your home office is a great start.

Opt to decorate your office in calming colors like blue and green. Or, choose creativity and concentration-enhancing colors like peach and coral.

Invest in These Work From Home Essentials 

It is more difficult to produce the same quantity and quality of work at home when you do not have the same equipment.

But with these work from home essentials, you will have the right tools and support to fulfill all your work responsibilities.

Need more work from home or business advice? Browse our website for plenty of other helpful tips and tricks!

Written by Crystal Rae

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