5 Advantages Of Installing Solar Panel On Your Home

The world’s current most dangerous obsession is fossil fuels. Not only will they cease to exist one day, but the extent of pollution they have caused is alarming too. But, there’s an easy way out – installing a solar panel for home.

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Solar panels use sunlight to make electricity. The electricity from the Sun is clean, green, and, most importantly, free.

The ability of solar systems to put to use the most widely available source of energy, sunlight, makes them a topic of discussion – one that we will be having now.

This guide will walk you through the many advantages of having a solar panel for home. Let’s get you started without further preamble.

Top 5 advantages of installing a solar panel for home

The world was never optionless, sunlight was always present and its use dates back to the 7th century BC.

The exploitation of fossil fuels instead of sunlight has been one of the biggest mistakes of humankind – one that the government is trying to rectify.

There are many perks that are currently being offered to homeowners if they install a solar panel for home. We’re presenting five such advantages of switching to solar that will eliminate every seed of doubt from your mind. Dive in!

  1. Your electricity bills will be minimal

The cost of electricity in India, no matter which state you reside in, is very high, that is, if the source is fossil fuels. You have this amazing option to make free electricity from sunlight by installing a solar panel for home.

A 1 KW solar system produces roughly 4 units of electricity/day. It sums up to roughly 120 units/month.

If your average monthly consumption is supposedly 500 units of electricity/month, a 4 KW solar system will cover almost all your power needs because, on average, it can produce 480 units of electricity in a month.

The bill for 500 units that was earlier Rs. 4000 (if the cost of electricity per unit in your state is Rs. 8) will now be just Rs. 160. How? You will now have to pay for just 20 units because 480 units are already being generated by the solar system sitting on your rooftop.

A drop in the electricity bill from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 160 is massive. You will easily save Rs. 46,000 in one year.

  1. The sales value of your home will increase

Electricity bills are the biggest monthly expenditures that take away a major chunk of money. Imagine not having to pay for electricity! When you have a solar panel for home, this thought is a reality.

Naturally, if you ever plan to sell your house that has a functional solar system, your house will sell at a higher rate than the rate of other properties in your area. The prospective buyers will be getting free electricity, and that’s a big plus.

  1. You will get financial aid from the government

The government of India has this ambitious aim of producing 4 GW of solar electricity from residential rooftop solar systems by the end of December 2024. Result? A subsidy is being offered to homeowners and housing societies that are installing rooftop solar systems.

Once the target of 4 GW will be achieved, you won’t be getting a subsidy any longer. This is your golden chance at saving a lot of money on the cost of installing a solar system.

If the chosen solar panel for home is an ALMM-approved, DCR (made in India) model, you will get:

  • A 40% subsidy against the L1 rates for solar systems up to 3 KW
  • A 20% subsidy against L1 rates for solar systems that are above 3 KW and up to 10 KW

Housing societies get a subsidy of 20% against L1 rates up to 500 KW. There’s no such arrangement for the commercial sector.

  1. The cost of installation will be recovered sooner than you expect

You already know that you have the aid of a subsidy and having a solar panel for home will give you free electricity. The average life of a solar system is 25 years, and even after 25 years, the solar system will work at at least 70 to 80% efficiency.

Now, the cost of a 1 KW solar system falls between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 70,000. If it’s a 4 KW solar system, the cost would fall between Rs. 1,80,000 to Rs. 2,80,000. This cost will be further lessened after you get a subsidy.

Even if you’re saving 46k/year (the math behind these numbers has already been explained), the cost of the solar system will break even in less than 4 years. And, you will get free electricity for more than two decades.

  1. You will build a better planet for the future generation

By now, it should be as clear as the summer sky that you’ll be able to save huge chunks of money by installing a solar panel for home.

But, did you know that a 4 KW solar system equals planting 60 trees? Imagine the amount of pollution you’ll be able to bring down single-handedly.

Not being responsible for carbon emissions is the best gift you can leave behind for future generations.

It’s certainly worth a shot.


Installing a solar panel for home means your dependence on the grid for electricity will be much lower.

You will be able to generate your own free electricity. What’s better than getting free electricity and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time?

Besides, you still have a shot at getting that attractive subsidy. Why not grab it while you still have it?

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