5 Benefits of a virtual trade show

5 Benefits of a virtual trade show 

From online schooling to virtual events, the global pandemic has placed virtual services at the forefront of our everyday lives. Though the global pandemic is coming to an end, virtual services such as virtual trade shows will continue to be an important part of our new normal. 

Virtually held trade shows are as valuable and beneficial as traditional in-person trade shows and can create the same positive interactions without the associated high costs. 

Benefits of virtual trade shows include:

  • Lower costs 
  • Larger audiences 
  • Better reporting
  • And increased brand exposure

Save Money 

Virtual trade shows are cost-effective and sustainable. By hosting trade shows virtually, exhibitors and hosts will save costs on:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • display booths
  • promotional items. 

By reducing these costs more exhibitors can participate, creating an increased value and greater appeal for the virtual trade show. Reducing costs on travel and accommodation can also lead to a longer virtual trade show. 

Reach a larger audience (global)

Traditional in-person trade shows are typically located in one city, have a maximum visitor capacity, and have a small global reach. 

In comparison, virtual trade shows are more easily accessible and can reach a larger global audience by allowing participants access to the event from anywhere around the world. 

Participants can even access the virtual trade show in the comfort of their own homes. Because there are no health and safety restrictions that would limit virtual trade show attendance, an unlimited number of attendees can participate and join. 

Better Reporting and analytics 

Virtual trade shows create better reporting and make tracking analytical data easier to manage. Any interaction between an attendee and an exhibitor is tracked.

From liking media content to chatting virtually, data collected from virtual trade shows are easily compiled and distributed to anyone directly involved with the trade show. 

By creating better reporting and making participant analytics accessible, virtual trade shows provide exhibitors and hosts with viable leads which they can capture and direct to appropriate channels.  

Better audience (better leads)

Those who are interested in the brands featured in the virtual trade show will most likely show up and interact with the virtual exhibit booths. Analytical data gathered from those who attended virtual trade shows create better leads for brands to follow. 

Increased exposure and attendance

Virtual trade shows provide hosts and exhibitors with an endless amount of exposure and attendance. In-person trade shows typically operate between 1-3 days. 


Virtual trade shows can last for as long as the host desires and exhibitors can also allow their media content booth to be available permanently on the virtual trade show platform. Extending the availability of exhibition media content creates continuous leads and increased brand exposure.  

Closing thoughts

Virtual trade shows are a great way to save money and reach your audience on a global scale! To make sure everything is running smoothly, you should use a great virtual events platform!

You’ll need to find a company that will take care of all of the technical issues for you and helps you operate a smooth virtual trade show.

How will you make your virtual trade show memorable? 

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