5 Benefits of Using ASC MEP Manual Push Sweeper and How It is Different from Others

A Professional cleaning machine that every company should consider making available is a manual push sweeper. Ideal in many situations, with minimal maintenance needs, flexible cleaning equipment, and overall dimensions, it is a floor-cleaning device that almost lasts forever and has no restrictions on its utility. Additionally, anyone can operate it with ease.

A manual sweeper is the best professional floor cleaning tool because it combines practicality and outstanding performance when fitted with a dust filter.

About the Push Sweeper

The first patented dust suppression walk-behind push sweeper in the world is the MEP from ASC. This means that, unlike anything else that has ever hit the market, the MEP sweeper is made in a way that prevents dust emissions while sweeping. The ASC MEP is the most effective push sweeper in Australia. It is a small manual sweeper that does not require batteries or power but cleans ten times faster than a hand broom and simultaneously performs sweep and vacuum functions.

Benefits of an ASC MEP Manual Push Sweeper

  • Dust free sweeping

The MEP Sweeper removes dust and debris from any hard floor, including glass, metal, paper, leaves, and tire dust. Now, you can achieve your dream area free of dust and dirt particles.

  • Noise-free operation

Stop worrying about your sleeping children waking up due to the noise created by vacuum cleaners! With a manual push sweeper, cleaning jobs have become much easier and more convenient with the reduced noise associated with the machine.

  • Easy Maintenance 

People tend to double-take on their decision to get themselves an industrial floor scrubber or cleaner when they think about the additional effort and wealth they need to spend on its maintenance. However, that’s not the case with an MEP Manual Push Sweeper. The maintenance process is simple and easy at a minimal cost.

  • Easy and safe to use

The Sweeper is equipped with a small, agile design for confined places. A front pivot wheel guarantees maximum mobility and seamless steering, while large rear wheels make for simple handling. This way, the machine becomes handy and easy and safe to use.

  • Affordable 

The ASC MEP Manual Push Sweeper is super affordable, highly economical, and user-friendly. Cleaning becomes a lot easier with a handy MEP push sweeper. You don’t have to worry when running on a low budget. A Manual Push Sweeper will make your job easy along with being cost-effective.

How is it different from other manual sweepers?

  • The use of advanced technology

The ASC MEP Floor Sweepers is a very creative manual sweeper. It has a proprietary technique that allows for comprehensive dust control, which is otherwise impossible with other conventional manual sweepers. The ASC MEP has a continuous operating period. It is entirely silent and environmentally friendly.

  • Effective Dust Filter

To capture tiny dust particles, this floor sweeper has a polyester cartridge filter installed. The filter may be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and eventual replacement.

  • Durable machine frame

The ASC MEP is made with heavy-duty components, including a coated steel chassis and robust ABS thermoplastic hoppers, and is designed to last.

  • Empty Hoppers

The lightweight, large-capacity hoppers have an ergonomic handle moulded into the design for simple emptying.

  • Operates both backward and forward

The gearbox system can collect dust and debris in a single pass by generating high-speed brush spinning in both forward and backward directions: minimum effort and maximum power.

  • The side brush and central brush

Hard-to-reach areas can be easily cleaned with the help of an impact-resistant side brush. Pass along surfaces, including walls, floors, and racking, while gathering dust and dirt.

The centre brush efficiently removes dust and dirt. To get the best cleaning results, brush pressure is entirely adaptable to the floor surface and the kind of debris.

  • Adjustable handle

The sturdy steel handle of the ASC MEP is ergonomically built for maximum user comfort and is easy to modify. It elegantly folds away, making storage of the Sweeper a breeze.


ASC MEP is an excellent manual walk-behind sweeper for cleaning hard and soft surfaces inside and outside. It can easily manoeuvre through small spaces and includes an adjustable side brush that efficiently cleans confined spots. Because the ASC MEP is made with high-quality, impact-resistant materials, you can rely on its durability.

Get a manual push sweeper to unlock simple, secure cleaning technology that is economical and effective.

Written by Francis Underwood

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