5 Cybersecurity Certifications That Employers Are Looking For

6 reasons why you should pursue cybersecurity

Are you currently working, or would you like to work in a cybersecurity career?

The field will be just over 2 million fewer skilled cybersecurity experts in 2022. This is the ideal moment to perfect your ethical hacking abilities.

Are you aware of the skills you require to be ahead of the curve to impress your employers?

These are the five most vital cybersecurity certifications that you must have to add to your resume.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is one of the most prestigious cybersecurity certifications for novices. CompTIA is among the most well-known organizations that provide IT certifications for newbies as well as more experienced IT professionals.

Security+ certification is the initial certification you must obtain if you’re trying to become a cybersecurity professional. It’s an excellent beginner cyber security certification pathway. It offers a significant introduction to the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

It assists in preparing the newest cybersecurity professionals to identify possible threats and react to emergencies. Additionally, it will teach you how to conduct crucial security audits as well as secure design networks.

Still not sure? Let us give you ten reasons why you should take the time to study to earn this CompTIA Security+ certification.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Security

Cybersecurity is about identifying and reacting to weaknesses before they can be exploited. It is also important to be aware of how to respond to threats that happen.

For those who want to gain an authentic foundational knowledge of security for networks, The CCNA Security certification is essential.

It’s a respected and reputable brand. Cisco is the leading manufacturer of networking equipment. Experience and knowledge of Cisco’s equipment will help the resume pop.

It grants its Department of Defense Directive 8570 approval. This allows you to work at the highest pay public sector jobs.

You can also mix this with the other Cisco certifications to enhance your capabilities and boost your earnings potential. You could switch to different jobs, like penetration testing, if you choose to focus on.

It is similar to the Security+ certification, geared towards working using Cisco equipment. You’ll learn about the management of risk, secure networking, and vulnerability testing.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

Are you already familiar with CompTIA certifications? Doing your research for certification with the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification would be a beneficial step towards.

CompTIA certifications such as Security+ and Network+ are certifications that are geared specifically at novices. The CASP isn’t. It’s the expectation that you have the necessary knowledge already. You’ll need about ten years of IT experience in administration and at least half in the IT security job.

It aims to build on your previous skills and knowledge and also complete any gaps hindering your progress.

You’ll be a master in the field of analytical research. This will allow you to reduce risk and identify security weaknesses in corporate environments. You’ll be expected to build on your previous experience and knowledge by obtaining this CASP certification.

If you’re looking for higher-paying management jobs, If you’re thinking about a career in management, the CASP certification should aid you.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Are you at a point in your career where you’re seeking to advance into management? This CISM Certified Information Security Manager certification will help you improve your managerial skills. It is offered by ISACA, an equally reputable IT-related body.

It is necessary to have at least five years of experience in the area of IT security. At least three years must play a managerial position in one of the CISM-approved content areas. They include security and risk management as well as compliance as well as program development.

It’s not intended to make you a cybersecurity expert. If you’re getting this certification, it means you’re already certified to work in this field. What it’s intended to do is to help you develop the necessary skills to help you become an expert security manager.

You’ll discover the steps to develop effective policies for your enterprise to ensure security. Additionally, you will learn to evaluate the security risk to both businesses and organizations.

As a manager in a management position, it’s up to you to decide on the steps to take to safeguard important assets. The CISM certification can give you the confidence to take that decision.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

What do you think about your job prospects? Cybersecurity certifications pay options are currently at around $400,000. The certifications you need will allow you to be considered for top management positions.

The process of becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional can put you in the running. This CISSP isn’t a quick-fix certification. Similar to the CISM, it requires full-time work of five years or more before you can take the exam.

What distinguishes the CISSP certification distinctly is the high level of recognition it is. It’s the longest-running certification in security certification that is available to IT professionals. It’s constantly upgraded to keep up with the latest requirements and standards.

The process of studying to become a CISSP isn’t the quickest way to improve your career. It requires dedication, which is why there are many years of completing the course and gaining the necessary expertise.

If you’re not experienced enough, it’s more work. It is still possible to pass the test, but you’ll need to get the required knowledge. The typical timeframe is six years in order to be CISSP accredited.

Don’t let the timeline hinder you from taking the necessary steps. The CISSP certification will place you on the top of the field even though we rank that as among the seven toughest cyber security accreditations.

Don’t miss these Cybersecurity Certificates.

With these cybersecurity certifications, students and experienced professionals can progress their careers.

Are you looking for work in the military? These certifications will allow you to comply with the requirements of Department of Defense Directive 8570. This will provide numerous opportunities for enthusiastic IT professionals such as yourself.

Are you looking for cybersecurity certifications on the internet? Check out if one of our real-time online training classes can meet your requirements.

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