5 Effective Techniques to Boost Your Cycling Efficiency

Bicycles have been a common medium of human transport for more than 140 years now. However, the pandemic seems to have revived people’s interest even more towards it. In Australia, the charm of bicycles has skyrocketed ever since the Covid restrictions got implemented. In particular, western Australia is experiencing what can be called a cycling revolution.

Bicycling is a great way to improve health and follow the social distancing guidelines. Becoming a better cyclist starts with setting up certain goals for yourself. That means investing in suitable bicycle clothing in Australia and engaging in more frequent bike rides every week.

1.    Condition Your Body

Take steps towards making cycling a comfortable activity. Otherwise, you are not likely to stick with it for long. If you want to avoid common aches and pains, try engaging in some conditioning exercises. Core exercises strengthen muscles that give your body the support it needs for this activity.

Pilates is particularly useful for bicyclists. It enables you to keep your upper body still and provides a stable platform for peddling. Don’t forget to stretch after and between the rides. You’ll find a significant improvement in the aches you may experience from consistently bending over the bars.

2.    Take Into Account Your Aerodynamics

The longer rides, especially during nasty weather, demand comfortable clothing. In various Australian cities like Perth, the government actively encourages people from 8 to 80 years of age to peddle more. You can do it only when you have the right gear.

Cycling can be regarded as a battle against the wind. Thus, augmenting your aerodynamics certainly goes a long way in making you an efficient rider. To navigate through the wind, look for tighter-fitting bicycle clothing in Australialike jackets and jerseys. This type of aerodynamic clothing will help you to conserve your energy and ride faster.

3.    Get Your Nutrition Right

You can cover larger distances efficiently when you fuel your body for it. Feeling unenergetic and drained while on a bike is the last thing you want to experience. Hence, it is vital to consume good nutrition. You can boost your energy levels with foods like bananas, jam sandwiches, and cereal bars.

If you’re going to be out on your bike for several hours, ensure that you have a meal or a drink with 60 grams of carbohydrates in it after the first thirty minutes.

4.    Don’t Be Intimidated by Hills

Australia is a diverse nation where opportunities for bicyclists of all abilities abound. Serious bikers need to get comfortable with riding on different terrains. Riding on hills is especially useful for building leg strength and enhancing cardiovascular fitness.

Places like the Blue Mountains and Thredbo in Australia are great for mountain biking. The more hills you cover, the better you will get at cycling. Moreover, no one can deny the pleasurable feeling of descending the mountain!

5.    Ride in a Group

To take things to the next level, try to cycle with a group of other cyclists. Becoming a better cyclist is all about conserving energy. When you peddle behind others, it consumes 40 per cent less power from your body as compared to riding solo or heading a group.

You can easily enhance your distance by peddling slower behind other cyclists. It is a great way to develop your endurance and get fitter gradually.

Incorporating some or all the measures mentioned above will aid you in extracting the most joy out of your bicycle rides. It will also make you appreciate your body and what it can do for you.

Written by Frederick Jace

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