Learn How to Transform a Confined Space Into Big and Beautiful Space

Learn How to Transform a Confined Space Into Big and Beautiful Space

Do you know that you can make your tiny space look like a big mansion if you know what to do with it? A house that is the size of a box can look more significant if you have the knowledge to convert it into a bigger space. This post will help you learn how some tiles can give the illusion of a bigger space. Plenty of popular ceramic companies have exciting format tile designs that can help your house look extensive and exclusive.

Some of the popular brands in Australia include Wilhand, Johnson Tiles, and few others. You can find various tiles in different sizes, but here are some special tips that can help you design your space that can give it an illusion of a bigger space.

How are large format tiles better than small-format tiles?

If you have a smaller space, you do not want it to look overcrowded with lines and designs. When you place many small tiles, the lines and attachments give the space an illusion of even smaller spaces. On the contrary, if you use single format tiles, it will provide an illusion of a much larger area. You can select a contrasting grout color to blend the tiles.

How can glossy tiles make space appear bigger?

If your house or office is smaller in size, you should have some window or opening that allows natural light to come in. When natural light falls on a glossy tile, it will brighten the space and give it a bigger illusion. Glossy tiles will allow the light to bounce on different surfaces, contributing to getting an illusion of a larger area.

Choose similar wall and floor tiles

Manipulating smaller spaces with too much texture and patterns is not the right way to go about it. Go with large, simple, or plain colored tiles that are fixed on both floor and walls of your house. Similar tones give the impression of ample space. On the other hand, if you use two diverse tile tones, it will make your area look smaller.

Don’t go for dark-toned tiles

Do not block the natural light by installing dark tiles. A small space will look big if there is enough light. Dark tiles will only absorb light and not reflect it in the room. It will give an illusion of a smaller and confined space.

Once you know which tiles are suitable for your space, you can measure the area to install the tiles and plan a layout. It will allow you to understand how many tiles you require to cover the space. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are famous for floor tiles. You can look for them in brands like Wilhand and other popular Australian brands that can offer you assured quality products.

To select a brand for buying tiles, you must seek advice from friends or family members who can refer you to a good brand. You can also hire an interior designer who has significant knowledge of designing different spaces. A professional will be able to guide you through the process and help you achieve the best results. And, if you take things into your own hands, then remember these tips that will be useful for planning the design and layout of your house.

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