5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air?

5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

What is AIR Conditioning?

Air Conditioning is the process of achieving a suitable temperature in a room. Air conditioning includes both cooling and warming the room according to need. It is a part of the HVAC family which means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.Are you wondering, why is my air conditioner leaking water, then click the link and find out for yourself.Air conditioning is now a must need in most parts of the world.

Why do we need air conditioning?

In past, there were few people living in any part of the world because the population was not so much dense. So people used to build their homes in such a way to get maximum ventilation. Due to which houses were far apart from each other.

But due to increasing population density, we have to build the side of our home by side to utilize maximum space. But this thing made our homes less ventilated. But after the discovery of electricity in the 18th century, this problem automatically got its solution. It was air conditioning the homes using electricity.

Air Conditioner:

The modern form of air conditioning was first invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. He owned Carrier Cooperation. He found out that when a gas is condensed to a specific level, it cools down. This is called the “Vapor Compression Cycle”.

He used this principle and discovered a device that used electricity to condense gases and then passed room air through a compressor. Air became cool and fans threw that cool air in the room. In this way, the room became super cool even in mid of barbaric summer.

Advantages of using Air Conditioner:

Air Conditioner has become a basic necessity in hot warm areas. In addition to the cooling room, it has a lot more pros. Some of these are listed below:

  • Air conditioners reduce the risk of an Asthmatic Attack.
  • It removes mosquitoes and other parasites from the room.
  • It increases your work efficiency.
  • It prevents electronic gadgets from overheating.

Reasons Why Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air:

Aircon servicing singapore – A electronic device can be reliable but cannot be 100 percent perfect. It can break down due to a number of reasons. Similarly, sometimes air conditioning does not blow cold air. Instead, it keeps on blowing warm air and reverses its cause. Some of the major reasons behind its breakdown are explained below:

Clogged Air Filter:

Air Filter is present in front of the fan to filter all the dirt particles. Continuously using AC and do not wash it regularly blocks air from it. So, if your AC is not blowing cool air, check its air filters. If they are dirty, either wash them or replace them.

Low Level Of Coolant:

Freon is the most commonly used coolant in Air Conditioners. If its level falls due to leakage or other reasons, your AC will not blow cool air. Refill your compressor and continue enjoying the cool air.

Lack of Regular Service:

The outdoor unit of the Air Conditioner faces all kinds of weird weather. It faces windstorms, rain, etc. So it needs regular cleaning and service. If you do not clean it regularly, your AC will not blow cool air.

Faulty Compressor:

The major part of the air conditioner is its compressor. It is the part where the air is condensed and cooled to low temperatures. So if you are experiencing warm air, and all the above parameters are fine, it must be due to a faulty compressor.

Problem with Thermostat:

The thermostat helps to maintain a constant temperature in the room. It turns off the outdoor unit when room temperature reaches its level. If the thermostat of your AC is faulty, it will not allow the outdoor unit to turn on and thus your ac will blow warm air.

How to Fix Air Conditioner at home:

Some of the issues with AC are so simple that they do not need any technician. In this heading, we will describe how to fix your AC on your own.

  • Lift up the cover of the indoor unit. You will see air filters above grills. Gently remove these filters and wash them in tap water. Dry these filters after aircon chemical wash and put them back at their place. Your AC performance will be improved.
  • All other problems require professional and cannot be solved on your own.

Our Verdict:

The most common reason for AC breakdown is dirty Outdoor unit and low level of coolant. We recommend you to service your Air Conditioners at least 2 times a year. Make sure you turn off electricity before lifting up its cover. Do call a professional to incase fault is not in your air filters.

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