What are MPC Expansions? Are MPC beats good?

What are MPC Expansions? Are MPC beats good?

Music before Music Players

Music is believed to be discovered about forty thousand years ago. It is simply verse or lines that feel soothing to our soul. Music gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort to people. But at that time music was only a source of entertainment and there were no professionals for music.

But with time music has seen massive changes. In the past, people used to create music using simple objects. Now there are hundreds of musical instruments. Each gadget produces a different sound and provides peace and calmness to the body.

Music Players:

About 20 years ago, music bands had to play all the instruments at the same time and record that specific sound. It was a big hurdle in music production. Even a single mistake could make the music meaningless. So there were plenty of retakes while recording a single sound.

But after computers, developers tried their hard to develop something to tackle this issue. Hence they developed Music Production Center MPC, so now they can record and create any sound without any hard work and error.

Expansions Pack:

The expansion pack is assisting software that helps you to attain perfection in music production. Expansion packs are not only used in the music industry but also in several other fields like console games where these expansions add new effects, cars, and other features. In short, expansions add up to the features of the subject.


MPC Expansions or Music Production Center Expansions are software that creates music and adds up to the quality and effect of music. This software is the best alternative to creating music with several instruments. Now there are hundreds of MPC Software and each brand uses its type of software to create music up to mark.

Types of MPC Expansion Packs:

There are two types of MPC Expansion Packs. Both of these are now used by producers. One is Plugin Expansion while the other is Sample Expansion. Both these are explained below:

Plugin Expansion:

In this type of Expansion Pack, the user gets pre-installed features and effects. So you do not need to install massive setups and you simply get your desired feature.

Sample Expansions:

In the sample expansion pack, you get your desired theme and effect but you have to install the setup. You can arrange programs and specifications according to your need.

Top 4 MPC Expansions:

Since its invention, developments have created hundreds of MPC software. Although all these software has their use, some expansions are more than just MPC beats. In the following we have discussed the top four expansion software created till now:

F9 Instruments:

The F9 expansion pack is the most effective expansion software of all. F9 instruments are considered the most effective ones. It contains the latest tools and options to alter beats according to the user’s satisfaction.

Decap-Drums That Knock:

It is an American-based expansion pack used by the world’s top music composes to enhance the quality of music. Decap never recycles music and creates its own.

MPC Urban Instrument:

This is also one of the most successful MPC Expansion Pack that contains more than 800 fresh tunes, dark epic pads, and hundreds of music tools.

New Jack Throwback:

This expansion will give you nostalgic vibes. If you are more into classical music, New Jack Throwback is for you. It contains almost all orchestra and violin sounds. New Jack Throwback will take you back into the ’90s.

Pros of using MPC Expansions:

Since its creation, every music composer is using MPC Expansions for music composition. It is because it gives a lot of edge and benefits. Following are some of the pros of using MPC Expansion in music production:

  • It saves a lot of time used in retakes.
  • It gives perfection to your music.
  • It is royalty-free. So it is more economical than traditional music composition.
  • It improves the quality of music.

Last thoughts:

MPC Expansions are far better than traditional music compositions. It assists the composer to produce music according to his will and without any instrumental error. It also saves your money to be used on instruments. There are hundreds of expansions but the most popular ones are explained above.

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