6 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Your Travel Business

6 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Your Travel Business

The tourism management is a huge area that covers many elements: travel companies, security companies, resorts, restaurants, etc. And this world is now becoming mobile.

Some information about mobile applications in general. In 2009, their amount of downloads surpassed 2.5 billion. In 2011, it reached 31 billion. And, according to some forecasts,  the number of installed applications will more than doubled and amount to approximately 70 billion.

As critics predict, smartphones will soon replace laptops and personal computers when it comes to online shopping, exploring, and more. Therefore, if you have not thought about developing your mobile travel app yet, now is the time to do it with the help of travel software development corporation.

Most utmost firms are well aware of the advantages that a mobile travel app can bring, whether it be increasing sales, increasing help nature, building customer support, or something more.

Thinking about plans and strategies for developing an application for the tourism industry, they try to find the best solution to their specific problems.

And if your opponents have not yet understood the possibilities of developing mobile applications for tourism, they will waste their advantage when some other organization, perhaps still yours, makes a very helpful application for users.

Main features

Here are some experiences that demonstrate that these are not just nice words.

Now, when almost everyone has a smartphone, approximately 65% of tourists favor organizing their travel itinerary using mobile applications.

Most businessmen (about 70%) book flights and book hotels through mobile applications.

Statistics show that about 80% of travel companies, hotels and airlines benefit from improved brand awareness, increased revenues, etc.

All tourists especially appreciate applications that provide them to navigate in any country or city. A mobile trip application can offer references, maps, city navigation, including a guide to various areas (restaurants, cafes, attractions, etc.).

Approximately 75% of tourists use at least one mobile application during their trip.

As you can see from the above statistics, developing an application to meet your goals and objectives opens up new channels for improving income, developing brand awareness, improving the quality of services, etc.

Of course, the application must have a valuable and relevant idea (which means benefits for your target public) and its high-quality implementation.

Thus, a mobile solution with travel api integration can become a significant rival use for your business.

Tips to make your business riva

  • Here are some quick tips on how to make a contemporary travel application and get the most out of it:
  •  First of all, determine your purpose audience, organize your user profile and develop an application especially for a specific corner. If your firm allows settings for businessmen, design a mobile application for business travel, for example, for easy and convenient booking of air tickets, hotel rooms, flight check-in, quick route planning, etc.

Make your application as simple and convenient to use as possible: if the principal purpose is to determine the best hotel deals and book rooms, then the registration path should consist of only 2-3 clicks.

  • Be in touch with your users by building a helpful dialogue with them.
  •  Combine user accounts in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) into your travel application.

The Benefits

They are:

  1. Create a Database of Quality Vendors
  2. Enhance Customer Support
  3. Streamline Customer Involvement
  4. Provide Exclusive Offers
  5. Launch Efficient Re-Engagement Campaigns
  6. Track Customer Actions

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