Best CRMs for Startups


Modern IT systems designed for developing companies that have just emerged are in high demand among business owners. Entrepreneurs looking to plan their activities to achieve high results are paying more and more attention to the best CRM systems for startups. Such complexes allow expanding the range of tasks, while avoiding the need to create additional jobs. With their help, a manager can find an individual development path for his startup, speed up customer search, draw up reports and documentation, saving time and human resources.

Specially created automated tools enable a young entrepreneur to:

  • create a profitable sales strategy;
  • control all areas of your firm;
  • develop documents;
  • edit the base of customers and suppliers;
  • automate and speed up all routine processes.

CRM software has an extensive set of functions and a simple, intuitive interface. In addition, users can change the platform configuration for themselves, to suit their specific needs.

Features of automated CRM systems

New software modules are in great demand among start-up companies. More than 50% of startups, whose priority is development and increasing profitability, have already installed a modern CRM software shell or want to do it in the near future. Such systems help to organize the workspace of employees, quickly process information and obtain the necessary data samples. This contributes to an increase in profit from sales, which is especially important for companies that are just starting out.

The automated system significantly expands the possibilities of analyzing the needs of your potential buyers, and also significantly speeds up the process of creating effective advertising. The automatic distribution of e-mails to the right addresses will allow your manager to attract more customers, spending a minimum of time.

The most effective CRM programs for startups

Today, the following automated systems are recognized as the best ones, which were created specifically for novice businessmen:

  1. Insightly CRM. Originally developed by Google. It allows you to effectively track customer needs. The ideal platform for small businesses, giving you the flexibility to manage projects and make the right decisions.
  2. Capsule CRM is the best online CRM option for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing you to build relationships with your customers competently. It has simple and straightforward functionality.
  3. Freshsales CRM is a multifunctional platform. Which will help you implement the most complex projects, as well as significantly improve teamwork within the company.
  4. Streak CRM is a program that has more than 750 thousand satisfied users. It’s perfect for personnel accounting and business process automation.

Creative CRM platforms are one of the most powerful tools that any organization seeking to be successful in the sales market cannot do without.








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