An education degree is frequently regarded as a one-way ticket to the classroom. While that’s not a wild assumption, you might be thinking if there’s another job that helps you make an impact?

Remember, not everyone who works in the education sector ends up in front of a blackboard. Several education professionals work behind the scenes to make an impact, whether in curriculum design, administration, or education policy.

Furthermore, education majors find their degrees flexible. How? Because acquired skills such as analyzing new information, communication, organizing, and leading teams are highly valued and transferable.

There are numerous rewarding jobs available in education when it comes to career options, so the right job for each individual is unique. These jobs allow you to develop, improve your skills, and earn higher salaries.

So, if you’re struggling to pick a career and don’t know where to begin, here are a few of the most popular career choices in education you might want to consider.

  1. Post-Secondary Academic Dean

Median annual salary: $94,340/year

Academic deans work at community colleges and universities, managing the matters of the entire institution or specific schools within the institution, such as a medical school.

Their duties include managing the budgets and affairs of their academic area and meeting with students and professors to address various academic and personal issues.

Deans, like principals, are frequently promoted or transferred from within the relevant department, and applicants must have some level of work experience in a post-secondary institution.

Master’s of Science in Educational Administration is often the minimum level of education accepted for this role. Moreover, when it comes to job prospects, the job growth for post-secondary administrators is expected to increase in the coming years.

So, if this career speaks volumes to you, work for it, and soon you’ll get there.

  1. Instructional Coordinator

Median Annual Salary: $64,450/year

If you’re looking for the best jobs in education, you might want to consider becoming an instructional coordinator. The position is responsible for establishing curriculum and instructional standards within a district.

As an instructional coordinator, you’ll collaborate with teachers and principals to implement the curriculum.

An instructional coordinator has a Master’s degree or higher and at least five years of administrative or educational experience. In some states, you may be required to obtain a license for your profession.

  1. University Professor

Median Annual Salary: $72,420/year

A university professor is responsible for more than just teaching. They devote some of their time to research, book publishing, and report writing in the field. They also provide counseling to both undergraduate students and professionals.

A Ph.D. is required for a university professor before working in a college. The salary varies depending on the level of experience, the field of specialization, and the type of university.

A professor at a private university earns more than one at a public university. Microbiology and Physics, for example, pay more than other fields. Professors’ employment is expected to grow by 12% faster than the national average.

  1. Librarians

Median Annual Salary: $65,300/year

Librarians play an essential role in the educational system. They create library systems and define policies while overseeing and guiding staff as information and library resources managers.

They also create, maintain, and organize materials and other resources to ensure that students, faculty, and staff have easy access to and retrieval of materials.

In addition, librarians choose new technology, videos, books, and library materials based on patron needs, curricula, and reviews.

They also help educate students and faculty on using cataloged materials and resources, creating lesson plans, and collecting classroom materials.

As far as academic qualifications are concerned, most librarians must have a Master’s degree in library science and a teaching license or certification, depending on the state.

  1. Career and School Counselors

Median Annual Salary: $56,310/year

School and career counselors assist students in determining their long-term goals. As a school counselor, you may concentrate on helping students develop academic and social skills so they can succeed.

A career counselor focuses on assisting students in determining their long-term career and future goals. A school counselor must have a Master’s degree in school counseling and a government-issued license to work with students.

  1. Assistant Principal

Median Annual Salary: $66,697/year

Assistant Principals play an essential role in the administrative team of a school system. These professionals provide supervisory skills to students, staff, and teachers through careful observation, performance monitoring, development, and instruction.

They assist in managing financial issues and act as disciplinarians for students or staff.

Assistant principals measure and evaluate test scores to ensure compliance with local, federal, and state standards and meet with parents and educators to report student behavior and improvement.

Furthermore, assistant Principals frequently begin their careers as educators with Master’s degrees, gradually gaining the experience needed to continue to administrative positions.


These were some of the highest-paying and most popular careers in education. For anyone on the verge of confusion, a degree in education opens many opportunities.

Individuals can enter the teaching profession, move to administrative and managerial positions, or branch off to explore other education-related areas.

So keep doing your best, adding experience to your resume, and setting yourself up for success.

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