Five top-notch wigs you should purchase from the SVT hair collection

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In this modern era, people suffer from mental health issues that result in baldness. Not this is the only reason for baldness but there are many reasons behind it. To cope with this problem, surgical and nonsurgical treatments are being provided. Among non-surgical treatment methods, a wig is a most common yet most popular method. SVT hair is one of the leading brands in the market providing the best wigs to customers. In their online store, there exists a lot of wigs. However, we have come up with the five best wigs you should choose from.

Features of SVT wigs

Combined features of all the best-selling products of SVT are mentioned to let you have a glance at the characteristics of their wigs.

The laces of wigs of this brand are lighter and softer than other wigs existing in the market. The reason why the laces of such wigs are produced thinner is to create a natural look.

Hair should match your natural hair color as well as natural skin color to create a good impression. You must not be worried about this thing because the wig color is designed according to each color tone.

Not only does the look matter but comfort too. Keeping comfort and ease of individuals in mind, level of breathability and versatility is given importance.

Originality in style and adjustable quality of hair make it look good for every style and occasion. Most importantly, with all the wonderful features, SVT wigs give you a realistic look.

SVT Body Wave 4×4 Lace Closure Bob Wigs Short 150% Density Human Hair Wigs For Black Women

It’s an amazing product with impeccable qualities. It is made up of 100% virgin human hair which is good. Virgin hair act just like natural hair because it is collected from donors. The weight of this wig is 280g whereas its density is 18 percent. You can wash it as many times as you want. Also, you can dye it according to the occasion and give yourself a unique look. However, the original color of the wig is off black which depicts an element of naturalism present there. It was $141 but now SVT is offering a 37 percent discount on it and it costs you 76.04 dollars only. Its part design is free and you can change it according to your head and comfort.

SVT 5X5 Silky Straight Pre Plucked Virgin Hair 18-36 inches HD Lace Closure Long Wigs

Being one of the best wigs, this product also contains unprocessed virgin hair. It weighs 300 g whereas its density is 180 percent. Its original color is off black and you can dye your just like you fie your natural hair. The part design of lace is free part and its perimeter is 5×5 inches HD. There exist four combs inside the wig to control your natural hair and to fix the wig in your head for a long-lasting time. It will last for more than 1 year and after this time, we don’t guarantee the quality of the product. The straps attached to the product are adjustable. Giving yourself super straight hair makes you look according to your desire. With an offer by the company, it costs you only 146.3 dollars. This is indeed the most affordable price to purchase a realistic short hair look.

SVT Hair Long Straight Transparent 13×4 HD Lace Wig Lace Front Wigs Virgin Human Hair Pre Plucked

Another wig made up of virgin human hair costs you 196.65 dollars after the product is put on off of 26 percent. Its weight is 300 grams and density is 180 percent too.  Its lace diameter is 13*4 inches. 4 combs are placed inside the wig to hold the head and natural hair. Moreover, this strong straight hair looks exactly like natural hair. Customers do not have to get worried about shedding and tangling issues because hair is woven by hand inside the wig.  Girls usually possess shifts in between having short curly hair and long straight hair. For your straight hair look, this wig is a perfect match because you are not required to wait for hair growth and then straight hair every single time before going to a function.

SVT Hair Body Wave Transparent 13×4 HD Lace Wig Lace Front Wigs Virgin Human Hair

This 13×4 HD lace wig is a front wig with a hair density of 180 percent. Its part design is free and straps used inside the lace are adjustable as well. You don’t have to get worried about adjusting straps. Hair used is of natural color because it is not synthetic hair but virgin human hair is used for this purpose. The guarantee for this wig is more than one year. The adjustable strap of the wig makes installation easy and comfortable for you by use of 4 combs existing inside the wig. With impeccable features, this wig costs you 200 .79 dollars. Some people argue that this is not a less amount, but comparable to the quality, it is the best price.

SVT Straight Hair Lace Front Remy Human Hair Pre Pluck Wigs High Quality 180% Density Wigs

One of the best virgin human hair wigs, it weighs 300 grams. The lace used in this wig is Swiss lace and its color is a medium brown that does not make much difference. You can apply this wig to your hair in the easiest way by putting the adjustable straps and placing combs in natural hair so that the holding power of the wig can be enhanced. Virgin human hair gives you a natural look, but you can due to this hair in any of the tie colors of your choice according to the event. It costs you only 110 dollars which most customers have reviewed as the most suitable price.  The density and hand-made quality of this wig allow you breathability and you can keep wearing it even in summers for a constant period. Why are you waiting now? Add this product to your cart and receive it at your home!

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