7 Actions for You to Gain Followers on Instagram

7 Actions for You to Gain Followers on Instagram

Hasn’t gaining followers on Instagram been easy? We understand you! This has been the agony of most experts who work with the social network after so many algorithm changes.

It is also a space where you must be present. After all, more impressive than the number of 1 billion active accounts on Instagram, are the 60% of that billion who have already found new products through the social network!

This means that whether you are an influencer, an entrepreneur, a marketer, a company or accountant at an agency, having an Instagram profile is an excellent opportunity to connect with the right people and create business opportunities.

And as we see this network bringing so many results on a daily basis, we share here what the successful profiles did to grow and gain followers on Instagram.

  1. Hack daily followers easily with GetInsta

GetInsta has always been at the top of the list as one of the most popular Instagram auto liker. It also started the GetInsta Daily Instagram Followers program to better serve customers. Users can choose from a variety of plans to purchase daily Instagram followers, including 30-day, 60-day and 90-day subscriptions, and daily follower counts ranging from 50 to 200 which satisfies the Instagram algorithm. Furthermore, as always, every single follower it gives is of the highest quality – safe, honest, and high-engagement. GetInsta is the best option if you’re still undecided about where to buy actual Instagram followers on a daily basis.

Coins are used when you buy followers and likes on GetInsta. You may get free coins from daily reward when you login, or box rewards every several hours, or even bonus for sharing it with your friends. What’s more, if you register your account on, an extra lucky draw chance will allow you some more coins from 100 to 88000coins!

  1. Understand what your audience is interested in

It is obvious that a brand, whether personal or corporate, should use its digital presence to promote its advantages and increase sales. However, this is not the only way to get Instagram followers.

Your content must be engaging for your target audience, which means it must be meaningful, beneficial, and valuable. But how do you go about doing that?

Anyone who wishes to win Instagram followers must empathize with their ideal customer or follower and put themselves in their shoes. It’s important to consider: what are that person’s passions? What does she want and what is the most important thing in her life?

But remember: it is essential to understand what your target audience is interested in and not what you would like them to be interested in!

  1. Find out why you want these people to follow your profile

Bloggers often use the network to connect with fans and promote their content. Several actors use their profile as a way to show themselves as “real people”. Clothing stores use the platform to exhibit their items for those who like fashion or the brand itself. Professionals from different fields use Instagram to position themselves in front of their niche.

But why are you on Instagram? Why is it necessary to have more people following your profile?

Do you agree that just feeding them with content can discourage you from doing the best that your brand can offer?

To avoid this problem, understand why you want to gather those people on your profile and nurture them. This will make sense of your strategy and help you see results beyond the number of followers.

  1. Produce incredible content

Do you know what profiles of success have in common? Two.

  • Either they have a very clear purpose and a strong identity,
  • or they have images that impact, that attract attention at the first moment that are seen as is the case with the photos of the designer.

And since Instagram is a social network designed to highlight images and generate interactions through them, your content in photos will be the flagship to attract people to your profile.

  1. Set a style for your photos

Have you ever logged into an Instagram profile and noticed immediately how the colors in the feed and the types of images talked to each other? Having a beautiful aesthetic greatly impacts the perception of those who are viewing your images and, of course, this is also a way to attract followers!

To cause this perception of the existence of a style, it is essential that you define:

  • What will be the Instagram theme? Remembering that it needs to be related to some subject that has synergy with your brand!
  • Which photos will you post? What stories will you tell?
  • Which colors will be predominant and what effects do you want to apply to the photos to have the same style?

In this definition it is very important to focus on your business or project to make a communication aligned with it. And if it is difficult, the suggestion is to look at some feeds to get inspired and plan how your profile will be.

  1. Use apps to edit photos on Instagram

The most practical way to apply the same style to images and make them more interesting is to use filters and make other edits, both with the help of specific apps for that.

They manage to go well beyond the editing options offered on Instagram. Some popular apps are:

  • Afterlight , VSCO , Snapseed: for filters and effects on photos;
  • Facetune: for editing imperfections in the face and body;
  • 8mm Vintage Camera: for vintage effects on photos and videos;
  • Over and Font Candy: for inserting text in images.
  1. Partner

Actions in conjunction with other profiles that have an audience similar to yours is an excellent way to gain followers on Instagram.

There are many ways to partner and the simplest are:

  • Questions and answers about a certain theme in the stories, where each profile answers and mentions the other;
  • A post in the feed mentioning the other profile;
  • A partnership that is of interest to the followers. It can be talking about a service or doing a sweepstakes.
  • For the partnership to work, it is important to get in touch with a brand that has an affinity with yours, that is not a competitor and that also aims to grow the profile.

So, you combine the expected results and what type of content to produce.

And remember that for good results, consistency is important! Therefore, make more than one content format together to effectively attest to the results.

Take the 7 actions above, and you’ll have a pleasant 1000 free Instagram followers trial.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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