Web copywriter position: How to practice the profession of web copywriter?

web copywriter

The web editor is in charge of writing content that will be published online by following an editorial brief. The type of web content can be very different depending on the media on which it will be published and the demands of the editorial specifications. From project to project, a web copywriter may have to write punchy Instagram phrases, have a 280 character constraint to explain a concept on Twitter, or more importantly, create an article that will appear in an online magazine. Depending on the editorial strategy, tone, media… the task can be complex and completely different from one request to another.

For a blog post, the web copywriter must follow existing rules, such as responding to (who, what, when, where, how, how much, why). More journalistic content is more often ordered from web journalists, specialists in this type of writing. But for web pages presenting financial concepts, a product, the techniques are not the same. The web copywriter should have eclectic writing coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the web world. Finally, the web copywriter must be able to set up a content strategy and have communication techniques specific to online content marketing. If you are looking best copywriter, hire a copywriter from

Become a web copywriter

To become a web copywriter, no academic background is required. However, editorial sensitivity and writing quality are obvious. We discover many former journalists in professional retraining who have followed the trend by deporting their content creation on the web. Many people get started on their own by creating their own self-employed structure and go looking for clients through copywriting course or acquaintances. If not to know all the tricks of the trade, nothing better than to follow a community manager training. You will have a broad vision of the ins and outs of the profession of community manager; within which the profession of web copywriter is integrated.

Practice the profession of web copywriter?

Home web copywriter

You don’t have to be in a business to write for the web. Moreover, many editors prefer to stay at home in order to be calm to write adequate content.

Freelance web copywriter

Rather than being part of a business, some prefer to start as self-employed people and sell their skills to multiple clients. This allows you to juggle between subjects and never get bored.

In a company

The company can be a content agency, which prefers to have its writers in the offices to work collaboratively and verbally, or a company that wishes to professionalize its content. Email, tweets, presentation pages… It’s always better when a professional writer takes care of it!

Web journalist

This job is rigorous, the editor writes for picky news websites. Le Figaro, Le Monde, Konbini, for example, etc. Many traditional or “paper” journalists have developed their skills so as to no longer suffer from the shortage of editorial assignments for the written press.


For many years now, the profession of journalist in the written press has been lost, because the consumption of content is done more and more and mainly on a phone or a computer.

Social media host

This new profession arrived with the advent of social networks. Now everyone is speaking and reacting online, even brands! Social network hosts are there to represent businesses or public individuals online. Writing on Facebook or Twitter is different than writing for or media part. Maybe less complimentary for some… but a post on a social network can view; commented on, and shared much more than an article! So beware of the typo or any bad interpretations that can ruin the web notoriety of an individual or a brand.

SEO web copywriter

The SEO web copywriter has very good knowledge of the web and in addition skills in SEO. Writing is not his only strong point, he will also know how to make the content visible on search engines. He will be able to define titles and subtitles according to precise data retrieved from tools such as Google Analytics; Search Console, or Google AdWords. He will know how to optimize hypertext links and link anchors. In addition, he will know how to create tables for monitoring keyword positions to prove the effectiveness and veracity of his work. This additional expertise makes him the rare pearl of web copywriting.


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