7 Different real estate career directions

Are you someone who keenly follows real estate news and developments? Do you have a high level of curiosity about properties, value, and potential? Then a career in real estate is something you should indeed consider. We list down seven different directions your career in real estate can take. Whether you are a people person, great with numbers, or have a passion for the law, there is a career path in real estate. Here are the career prospects to consider:

Real Estate Agent – Residential/ Commercial 

A real estate agent helps people to buy, rent or sell properties. As in any career in real estate, this demands a good level of knowledge and awareness of the property space. It also requires you to have excellent people skills, good communication and negotiation skills, and the ability to understand your client’s needs well enough to pair them with the right buyer/ seller/ tenant. An estate agent’s duties include:

  • Preparing property listings.
  • Organising open houses.
  • Negotiating sales and leases.
  • Arranging terms of the contract. 

Property Investment Consultant 

If you have an aptitude for research and analysis and can influence people, this could be an ideal career choice for you. A property investment expert guides clients who want to build their investment portfolio. These experts/consultants use data and strategies to analyse which properties are prime for investment and advise people accordingly. Some courses on the internet, such as the investment education Australia blog, would be an excellent way to start.

Home Inspector

There are individuals and organisations that provide valuable pre-purchase building inspection services to potential buyers and sellers. They assess the building/ house professionally for structural adequacy, construction quality, pest infestation, and various property compliances. Knowledge of the construction industry and a background in engineering could be great propellors for this career choice.

Property Manager 

Property management has evolved into a desirable career over the years. It involves leasing and managing property on behalf of the owners. The tasks of a property manager typically include choosing tenants, negotiating and collecting rent, marketing the property and overseeing the upkeep of the property. This job is excellent for you if you have good interpersonal skills, a keen awareness of the realty market and an understanding of real estate-related legislations. You could get more comprehensive knowledge on property management from various investment education Australia blogs.

Real Estate Auctioneer

This is a specialised role of a real estate agent. As the name suggests, an auctioneer conducts public sales of properties. In Australia, the auction of properties is mainly opted by sellers or agents who feel their property has the potential to get a higher price by making potential buyers bid for it. An auctioneer then steps in to conduct the sale. They are expected to clearly state the terms of the contract and explain the features of the property to enhance its value. It falls upon the auctioneer to hold the auction according to strict guidelines and professionally and fairly. 

Real Estate Developer

If you have the capital and are interested in construction, this could be a lucrative option. A property developer builds or renovates properties to sell or lease them at a good value. You will need to complete specific educational requirements to become a property developer. As a developer, you will first need to research and choose a plot you would like to develop and assess the feasibility of developing it as a residential or commercial site. A good team of property investment experts can help you with these tasks. You will also need to procure the required permits and organise a team to plan and build the property. It is high risk and demanding profile, but if you have the risk appetite and a great team, this path can yield high returns.

Real Estate Attorney

If the conjunction of real estate and law excites you, this should be on the top of your list of career options. The primary task of a real estate attorney is to review legal documents related to the purchase or sale of property and check if the seller has undisputed ownership rights over the property they are selling. To become a property lawyer, you should have a practising certificate and complete a certain number of hours of supervised practice at a law firm.

Now that you have explored a few options, we are sure you are ready to plunge into the world of real estate and chart your path to an exciting and fulfilling career in this dynamic space.

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