7 Mistakes An Animation Company Should Avoid While Animating 

If you aim to create animation for your online video campaign and engage the targeted audience, then it’s time to get smart and animated effectively. 

Your animation should resonate with your customer and covers all the pain points. Unfortunately, sometimes even experts fall victim to some typical animation errors, resulting in a waste of time and effort. 

I researched and concluded 7 major mistakes that every animation studio should avoid during animated video production. Keep these points in mind to prevent errors. 

  • The Targeted Audience 

While creating a video, you should know whom you address and what they expect from your content. Knowing your targeted audience gives you leverage over your competitors. 

If you want your marketing video to be impactful, You should have a good understanding of who you’re trying to reach.

You need to have a lot of knowledge about your target like what are their ages? Is the crowd masculine or feminine? What is their location? What is their point of interest? You should know the answers to these questions. 

It is, nevertheless, preferable if you also gain access to information on their hobbies, beliefs, tastes, and more. These details can assist you in customizing a video for your intended audience. 

It allows you to select the video’s proper tone, illustration style, soundtrack, and message. You may utilize data about your customers to produce an animated explainer video that draws attention to your business and elicits applause from your target audience without saying anything.

  • The Script 

In a terrible script, the company’s items or services are frequently mentioned without mentioning a consumer. As a result, the audience often finds it uninteresting and stops watching after the first 10 seconds.

Try to pay closer attention to the customer’s real issues, needs, and quirks and find the best solution to the situation. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Turning your explainer video into a sales pitch is obnoxious.

The next item on the agenda is entertainment. The audience should find emotional and aesthetic value in your video.

 It’s much better if it’s enjoyable and engaging! When people are having fun, they perceive information significantly more efficiently. 

Furthermore, you have a better chance of getting your marketing message across because engaged viewers are more likely to watch the entire video.

The final step is to market your products or services. Make it appear like it isn’t truly a promotion. Sometimes promotion becomes a total turn-off to the audience. Try to make your script audience-oriented instead of business-oriented. 

  • The Template 

Using a template may be extremely handy and quick for animated video makers. However, it may be detrimental to your brand’s presentation because your style’s originality may be compromised.

Of course, there are tons of excellent and customizable templates available on the Internet. However, some animation companies use available free templates. But you or your agency can create new templates for every project to maintain uniqueness. 

In an age of rapidly evolving technologies and a single digital source open to all, every animation company should provide uniqueness to its client. It’s their responsibility. 

I recommend you create styles of your videos instead of using pre-designed templates. It distinguishes your project from others and boosts your marketing, viewer’s engagement, and brand awareness.

  • The Color Palette 

Do you recall when computer screens were only available in greyscale? Thankfully, those days are over, and our digital products now have an extensive color palette to choose screen colors from. 

Choose what best suits the goal of your marketing message and the style of your company: bright colors or wonderful muted tones. They should appear to be in perfect harmony.

I would suggest you explore the mysteries of color psychology. It will reveal which colours are most effective in evoking specific emotions, feelings, and associations. You can choose a colour palette that will help you make a lasting impression and impact on a viewer if you understand colour psychology.

  • The Video Duration 

People prefer short videos and get bored with long videos. The audience’s attention span is limited, so try to keep the duration of your video short. 

Keep your explainer video under 1-2 minutes or cut out any extra material that does not speak directly to the topic at hand. 

If it runs over the time limit, that means you’re trying to cover too much in one video. Instead, plan a video playlist on related topics but keep the duration of each video limited. 

  • The Call To Action 

After viewing your video, if you have done an excellent job with visuals and content, your audience will want to know what to do next. It’s your job to direct them to what appropriate steps they should take. 

Incorporating CTAs in your video will help you redirect your audience on your landing page, product page, ebook downloading page, or information page. 

P.S: Don’t leave them wondering about the next steps. 

  • The Hiring of Production Company 

Finding the ideal explainer video production agency that understands your vision can be complex. Therefore, I recommend you check out the animation team’s corporate portfolio before you start working with them.

These creative pros should be well-versed in your company’s objectives as well as the industry’s characteristics.

It’s a huge plus if they’ve already made a video for a similar business. They are likely to have a strong understanding of what your brand requires and create a video that meets those objectives.

Another suggestion is to look at customer testimonials and see how a company ranks on review sites. It will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the team’s skills and the company’s reputation.


Keep the above pointers in your mind while making a video. This will save you time and effort and help you create a masterpiece. 

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Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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