7 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

7 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

We all can agree that our phones are indispensable for us. They are multipurpose and have successfully replaced our alarm clocks, calendars, flashlights, calculators, maps, and cameras. Most of us check our phones, first thing in the morning. Our phones have eased our lives on so many levels. Surfing the web, checking & sending emails, watching videos, downloading, uploading, writing and editing articles, blogs, etc., : all these desktop activities can easily be done by our mobile phones with the additional functions of calling & texting. To sum it up, the smartphone can be comprehended to be like a compressed laptop computer. We snap pictures, we record videos; well there’s so much more to the list.

Scrape Google refers to the practice of using web scraping tools or methods to extract data from Google’s search engine or other Google services. However, it is essential to note that web scraping Google, or any search engine, is generally against their terms of service and often considered unethical. Google actively prevents automated data collection attempts through various anti-scraping measures to protect its servers and ensure a fair user experience for millions of users.

On the other hand, mobile-friendly Google pertains to the company’s commitment to providing an optimized and seamless user experience for individuals accessing Google services on their smartphones and other mobile devices. This approach encompasses responsive web design, which ensures that Google’s web pages automatically adapt to different screen sizes, promoting readability and usability.

As these phones are getting smarter and smarter with each passing day, there’s an obvious rapid surge in their popularity as well. Millions of smartphones are crafted and manufactured worldwide and they mesmerize people with their leading-edge capabilities. Well, it is safe to say that the world of smartphones is never gonna lose its fan following.

With net surfing coming handy because of smartphones, these gadgets are bagging a hefty proportion of the digital traffic, maybe more than half of it. In this scenario, you can’t afford to lag behind. Your website cannot lag and risk losing the audience. Think about it: What do you do when a website takes ages to load and/or doesn’t as it should because it’s broken. You simply go back and choose a better option as you’ve got plenty. What happens to the website you just rejected? It lost one of its viewers, probably a potential client, thus hurting the business regulating the site. If the site is problematic, it would be turned down by everyone. Hence, the business doesn’t get the much-needed attention and suffers losses even if it had the blooming potential. This is how big of an impact your website has in today’s technophilic epoch.

Shift your gaze towards responsiveness. And as stated in the inception of the article, this is the vogue of smartphones. So, target them.

Thankfully you got a bunch of incredible tools that’ll let you hit your stride and lend you the helping hand to embark on a journey of creating responsive mobile designs.

Here we bring to you 7 of the best tools, using which you can easily establish a cordial relationship between your website and the smartphones. Have a look and choose ‘the one for you:

1 – LT Browser

7 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

Looking for that perfect device to suit all your testing needs? Worry no more. Customize your own device viewport with the LT Browser. Fabricate a new mobile, tablet, or even a desktop utilizing the array of feasible options & opportunities and test your website on numerous devices, screen sizes and resolutions.

Get your hands on 50+ pre-installed screen sizes and create, analyze, & debug the mobile view of your websites. You don’t even need to swap devices; with LT Browser’s intelligent frame, you can perform the mobile web test on two devices with different aspects at the same time.

Some of the other lucrative features of the LT Browser:

  • Inbuilt network simulation to test your in varying network conditions and also in the offline mode.
  • Watch the effect of any code changes in real-time.
  • Share the bugs and your remarks with your colleagues on any bug tracking tool (Jira, Trello, Asana, GitHub etc.).
  • Develop a detailed website performance report with a single click. Explore accessibility score, key performance metrics, SEO and enhance the overall performance.
  • This dev friendly browser, with discrete DevTools for each mobile resolution, has been voted as the #5 product of the day by ProductHunt.

2 – Mobile-Friendly Test

7 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

This one’s from the house of the tech giant Google. This free spot-checking tool will immensely help you to beat your website into a mobile-friendly shape. Just input the URL of your page and wait for it to get scanned. If it passes the Google criteria of ‘mobile-friendliness, a green-colored banner of victory will appear for you. Otherwise, your website’s report card will be accompanied by useful remarks to uplift its performance.

With the Mobile-Friendly Test, you get the exact outlook of Google search. Following are the characteristics of this coherent mobile emulator:

  • It usually takes less than even a minute to run the test.
  • All types of URL rerouting included in the page will also be evaluated by the test.
  • You’ll receive a screenshot of the identical view of your webpage on the mobile version of Google. Followed by the catalogue of the mobile serviceability issues.
  • Adhering to all the tips incorporated in the report generated by the test instantly improves your Page’s Google ranking.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Another gem dropped by Google. This one’s here to aid you to boost your web page’s rendition speed. Run your website through this tool and let Google analyze how swift your page to load is. The faster is the loading speed, the lesser are the chances of getting it bounced as Google favors websites that load quickly.

7 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

What Google Pagespeed Insights offer you?

  • After entering the URL, Google will speed check your page.
  • The final report contains everything you need to know about your site along with a detailed summary of the possible causes of its performance lag.
  • Your page will be ranked in terms of good, medium and low.
  • The ratings are based on the latest industry trends for desktop and mobile web performance.

W3C Mobile Checker

Mobile Checker by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a comprehensive and technical tool that provides sound suggestions on the amendments and alterations to be done, supported by valid reasoning for each, and at a high level, how it should be done. Just a heads up, you need to be in touch with the technicalities of your website.

W3C Mobile CheckerLet us have a look at the advantageous aspects of the W3C Mobile Checker:

  • Proper JavaScript Web application built with Node.js and Selenium WebDriver with the additional support of mobile Web browser emulator API.
  • Unites the dynamics of various technologies to virtually mimic a Web browser on a mobile device viewport.
  • Has the ability to reproduce the appearance of your website on a diversity of smartphones & tablets.
  • Offers individual gravity ratings for each of the areas that need attention.
  • Extremely profitable for developers.


A tool for designers, developers and marketers to inspect their website’s friendliness with mobile devices. Examine your site using a range of mobile devices all at once. You also get the provision of considering and comparing against the top 1000 Alexa sites and check the ‘mobile readiness’ of your site. And the exciting part: no subscription fee.

7 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

What makes MobiReady useful?

  • Visualize your site on a variety of devices and screen sizes instantaneously (high, mid, and low tier cell phones, as well as desktops).
  • Get precise recommendations for the improvisation of the interface.
  • Apprehend the influence of any amends and get a picture of market presence.
  • You’ll be scored ranging from 1 to 5.
  • Your report will also be mailed to you for your convenience.

Varvy Mobile SEO

An online SEO evaluation tool for interpreting the mobile amity of your web site. This reliable tool is highly recommendable for beginners.

7 Tools To Test If Your Website Is Really Mobile Friendly

Summarizing all its attributes:

  • A thorough review of how well-suited your page is to Google’s guidelines by presenting page resources visible to the Googlebot.
  • The finished report includes the results of speed testing, an On-page SEO check and an overview of where your site stands in terms of mobile optimization (following Google mobile-friendly webpage guidelines).
  • Absolutely free.


An SEO management tool to transform your site for success. Rankwatch presents collective pragmatic data on rankings, backlinks, and highlighted SERP competitors. Utilize these specifics and enhance your digital circle.

What all should you know about this tool:

  • Elaborate information about the usability status of mobile viewport, content, text size, links and the CTA included in the website.
  • Tracks and analyzes your rank across all the legacy search engines and cities.
  • Explores over 100+ variables for each URL.
  • Has a client-based workflow.


The rapid surge in the number of web users surfing the web via their mobile devices has made it a prerequisite to have mobile cordial sites. Businesses of all sizes are working to craft sites that can be a delight on the mobiles too. To guarantee your current web design’s suitable rendition on smartphones, get your hands on one of the tools mentioned above. I’ve personally tried the LT Browser and found it to be very helpful. It brilliantly guided me in my web testing journey and was super easy to use as well. Give it a try someday.

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