Moving to a new province? Here what to know

Moving to a new province? Here what to know

Moving comes with a lot of complications and challenges that an individual has to face and when it comes to moving to a new province then the list of tasks increases which you have to complete in a short duration. However, if you plan everything well then you can make the entire process smoother and easier. Planning and organization is only the key to make any difficult process easier and efficient.  If you are making a moving out checklist to move successfully to a new province and want to know the things that you should consider then have a look at these things.

Hire a professional moving company:

When planning to move to another province, then you must hire a professional moving company to pack, load, and unload your possessions. Some movers even provide the service of unpacking and organizing the possessions in your new house. Moving companies have crew members who are experts in shifting your stuff safely with less effort. Now you will not have to worry about shifting the bulky items on your own. They have specialized equipment, packing supplies, and moving trucks that are needed to move a house in another region.

Know the cost of moving:

The Moving cost is charged based on the number of belongings, size of the house, the weight of belongings, distance to be traveled, etc. All you need to do is to get ready to spend a little extra amount to pay to the movers and the rest of the task will be done by the movers themselves and you don’t have to worry about anything then. Everything will be done by the professionals themselves.

Register for a new healthcare coverage plan:

Every state has its healthcare system and it is regulated by the particular state government. You should apply for registration of your new healthcare coverage plan after shifting to the new state. Also, keep the healthcare coverage plan of your entire family with you, until you get registered in the new state. There are two categories of healthcare plans. One is the basic medical and emergency service. These services are covered by your healthcare policy. And another one is the prescribed drugs. These medicines are not covered by your healthcare policy. But you can have them if you get registered for the same if you want to. You should collect the details of the healthcare coverage plan before you move overseas so that you can stay prepared before such a big move in terms of the health facilities which is most important regardless of the age and health condition.

Apply for a new driver’s license:

It is very well-known that every region issues its driver’s license. When shifting to another state, keep in mind to apply for the issuance of the new driver’s license because your old driver’s license will not be valid in the new state. It is illegal to drive a vehicle with an old or expiry driver’s license.

After applying, you might get your new driver’s license in 2-3 months. You can also apply for the insurance of your vehicle after moving to another province. Some states have government insurance companies and some do not. So, apply accordingly. You should get to know all the driving rules and regulations of the new place before you move to the new province so you don’t find yourself in a big problem later.

Change your address:

If you do not want to miss your important emails or any other deliveries, then you should update your new address before moving to another province. Make sure that your service providers must have the information of your updated address. It will be convenient for you to get your new address updated some days before you shift to a new region, to get everything thing settled before you arrived in the new house. This way, you will not face any problem in getting the bills as well as subscriptions to your address and you will not also miss any important document of yours.

Organize your documents:

This is the best time to get yours and your family’s documents, such as birth certificate, automobile insurance policies, healthcare plans or other official documents, etc., and to organize them properly. Before moving, store these documents in a safe place so that you may not face any difficulty in finding them after arriving at your new house. There may be some documents that may require changes following the new state, so make sure that these are updated.


You should have a good plan and a strategy in your hands before you move to the new province. Have all the above tasks on your to-do list so that you don’t face any problems later. By properly organizing your move and knowing in advance that what you have to do will make the entire process efficient and smoother.

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