8 Worth-Noting SEO Extensions For Digital Marketing On Google Chrome

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Learn more about the 8 most effective SEO extensions that guarantee to level up your digital marketing campaign on Google Chrome! Keep reading to find out!

Surveys show that for the last 5 years, Google Chrome has consistently been the most popular web browser, accounting for nearly 70% of the entire market share. The increasing popularity of this platform makes it a ripe ground for digital marketers to run their ads, which explains the emergency of many tools to improve this process.

If you intend on organizing an ad campaign targeted specifically at Google Chrome users, make sure you know these 8 best extensions to keep your sponsored content up and running.

What Is A Google Chrome Extension?

A Google Chrome extension is a software program written in digital web languages like CSS, JavaScript, or HTML. 

When installed on the browser, an extension can slightly modify the browser’s characteristics by adding more useful features or removing annoying traits, depending on the preferences. Extensions are irreplaceable for most Internet users, as they are allowed more freedom and control when it comes to web surfing.

8 Best SEO Extensions On Google Chrome

As stated above, an extension can bring about multiple benefits in many fields if used correctly. Therefore, it should be no surprise that digital marketers can take advantage of some fantastic SEO extensions to gain better insights and have more groundwork for their upcoming campaigns.

For further information, you can visit website for step-by-step instructions on how to apply extensions into your marketing plan. 

1. Keywords Everywhere

Are you tired of trying to estimate the quality of each keyword present in the database of Google Ads? If so, then Keywords Everywhere is for you. All it takes is a simple click, and you will be presented with three main sections of Google keywords: the competition rate, the average cost per click, and the monthly search volume. Understanding how relevant and highly sought-after a keyword plays a crucial role in Google keyword bidding, as it gives you more edges over which ones will work best for your campaign. And even better? This extension is free of charge!

2. Open SEO Stats

Doing competitor research is a must-have step for any aspiring businessmen wanting to stand out on the market. However, learning the best-guarded secrets of the rivals is not an easy task. This is when Open SEO Stats steps in. You need to paste the hyperlink of a specific website into the extension and be ready to analyze a pool of information that comes back. Open SEO Stats provides details regarding the meta keywords, meta descriptions, external and internal links, as well as most prominent phrases appearing in the text of a website. Furthermore, its usage is not limited to Google only. Feel free to ask for data from other platforms like Amazon, Bing, or Yahoo.

3. Grammarly

In recent years, a well-known saying goes, “Content is king,” which emphasizes the importance of ad copy when it comes to SEO marketing. Thus, Grammarly was born to ease off the difficulties content creators may encounter. 

When turned on, this extension will run through the entire text and point out grammatical mistakes that lower the accuracy of your writing. It can also detect unnecessarily lengthy sentences and suggest viable alternatives to increase the readability. Last but not least, Grammarly makes sure the content is as unique as possible by performing a plagiarism test and indicating the percentage of repetitiveness. 

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo prides itself on the capacity of measuring metrics of any post on four social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit) using a particular keyword. For example, suppose you type in “fashionable earrings.” In that case, the extension will collect the highest performance posts and include relevant details like the author’s name, date of publication, number of links, Evergreen score, and the total engagement. So for those who need a brainstorm for new ideas or want to look at how other brands are doing, BuzzSumo is an excellent choice. 

5. BuiltWith

At times, you may stumble upon a stunning website that catches the attention and drives more organic traffic. You desperately want to imitate the same plugins and technology used to design this landing page, but how? Worry not, because BuiltWith can expose the codes behind it right away. With enough creativity and adjustments, you can efficiently work on your own website and cater to the target audience’s tastes.

6. Hunter

Putting up submission forms to collect leads and reach out to your potential shoppers can be expensive and time-consuming. Hunter is determined to solve this problem and provide you with tons of information by offering all email addresses sharing a particular domain, for instance, or

7. Google Trends

Catching up with what is going viral on the Internet is an integral part of any successful ad campaign. Using Google Trends, digital marketers can track down the most prevalent tendencies and gain an insight into what appeals the most to users. The extension presents its findings with the number of search volume, graphs, and numeric analytics to back up any data, so you do not have to worry about groundless assumptions.

8. Lighthouse

A frequent audit ensures your website is at its peak, including the SEO, performance rate, accessibility, and best practices. But more often than not, auditing an entire landing page requires a lot of time and effort. This is when Lighthouse comes in handy.  As an open-source, automated tool, this extension runs a series of tests that assess the current state of a chosen website and give detailed advice on how to correct the existing mistakes.


Though often overlooked, SEO extensions can make a big difference when it comes to preparing and optimizing your ad campaign. If you have yet to master the art of applying SEO marketing, make sure to check out for more professional guidance. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity today!

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