How to Qualify for an E2 Visa?

How to Qualify for an E2 Visa

Business people and entrepreneurs who hold an E2 Visa enjoy numerous benefits. Doing business and investment in the United States is just one of them. However, what does it take to have one?

It seems to be a mind-boggling question because many applicants passed, but more applicants failed than those who made it. Thus, qualifying for an E2 visa poses a tremendous challenge.

For such a reason, it is a must for prospective applicants to plan well and prepare all the requirements to qualify. Hopefully, this guide may help you in your quest to build a business career on American soil.

Why should you get an E2 Visa?

According to Ashoori Law, you need to get an E2 visa to develop and run your business in the US. Such a visa is a non-immigrant type that allows the holder to stay in the US for extended periods without the pains of maintaining a permanent residence.

Not to mention, the holder’s family members may become eligible for the same visa. Also, the spouse may apply for employment authorization, and children may have the opportunity to study in US schools and universities.

What do you need to qualify?

With so many privileges granted to E2 Visa holders, what does it take to get one? What do you have to submit, and what procedures do you have to go through? So, go through this guide, and maybe you could qualify.


Your origin country must have an E2 treaty with the US is the first requirement. Of course, the diplomatic relationship of your homeland with the Federal Government is a fundamental aspect of such permission to do business in America.

So, individuals and businesses may find it difficult to pass through when they come from countries with no E2 treaty. Though there is a panoply of legal remedies available, it could not be very easy.

Intent to Depart

Despite the enticing privileges offered to E2 Visa holders, it is still a non-immigrant type. Thus, the law mandates that holders show and establish their intent to depart from the federal states when their visa expires.

To establish an intent to depart, applicants must prove compelling reasons to return from their home country. For example, it could be a permanent job, a stable business, taking care of sick family members or relatives, etc.

Substantial Investment

Investing in a US company is another essential requirement to qualify for an E2 Visa. In addition, the investment must be a substantial amount, and your influence controlling such a company.

Since you intend to start and run a business in the US, you must establish your financial liquidity and stability. It proves your financial capability of running the business and developing it.

However, this requirement is quite tricky because there is no exact or specific amount or metric formulation. Because of such ambiguity, some applicants fail in this part.

To resolve, you should invest in a much bigger US company so that your investment amount could be lower than when you invest in smaller companies.

Likewise, you may invest as an individual or a company, maybe using your local business as your front.

Nonetheless, the amount you allocated for investment should have come from legal sources. For example, it could be from savings, a loan, business profit, inheritance, etc., but not from any criminal activities.

A Stabel E2 Business

Finally, the business you are going to start and run in the US must be stable. Its stability indicates that the money you invested in your own business stays in it and flows in the course of the business operations.

That provision entails that your business is profitable and not considered a marginalized enterprise for such a reason. The law mandates that holders have direct and full control of their E2 business and not just passive investors.


Generally, the intentions of the federal law on E2 visas are glaring based on the requirements it imposes. For example, an E2 visa holder must be a legitimate business organization or entrepreneur and not a bunch of blood-sucking scammers.

Therefore, when you intend to apply for an E2 Visa, make sure to follow this guide. Then, hopefully, you may be able to grow your empire and contribute to the fulfillment of the American Dream.

Written by Enaa Mari

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