9 Ways to Fight Anxiety Without Medication


Anxiety is the feeling of nervousness, fear, and restlessness. You overthink and over evaluate everything. You are stressed out about every single thing, and your mind is always thinking about something. Following are a few of the ways that help you overcome anxiety without taking medicines and supplements.


Exercise is a great medicine to fight anxiety. It keeps your physical and mental health fit. Exercise makes the flow of endorphins, a hormone responsible for happiness, better. Yoga exercises keep your mind fresh and calm throughout the day. It helps release stress. Jogging or going for a walk in the morning also keep the mind stress-free.

Healthy diet

Diet plays an important role in keeping your thoughts positive. A diet rich in fats or sugar makes you feel bloated and anxious. Following are some of the diet changes that help you overcome anxiety naturally.

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid processed foods that contain artificial flavor and color.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat a diet rich in complex carbohydrates and lean protein.
  • Add nuts such as walnut, flax seeds, and almonds in your diet.


With anxiety, light-headedness, lethargy, fatigue, and rapid heart rate are common. Deep meditation is a good way to feel relaxed, calm. Through meditation, you can restore normal heart rate. It reduces the chances of panic attacks, trauma, and shocks. You feel less nervous and more confident. You are able to feel the difference with each passing day.

Good Sleep

A good sleep is the best way to restore mental health. Scheduling sleeping patterns helps overcome anxiety. Schedule your daily tasks and get a good sleep at night. You can make a good bedtime routine by following these

  • Stay calm and relaxed, don’t overthink about an embarrassing encounter at night.
  • Avoid caffeine and nicotine before going to bed.
  • Complete your to-do list before going to bed to keep your mind relaxed and stress-free.
  • Write about the things in your diary before bed. It helps a lot in making you calm and stress-free.
  • Avoid watching series or movies in bed.

Chamomile tea

Researches show that chamomile tea is good for your mental health. It keeps your nerves relaxed and thoughts positive. It makes you fall asleep better at night. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea is better than taking supplements to overcome anxiety.


Listen to good music. It promotes the feeling of pleasure. It is the best way to fight anxiety. Research shows that music helps overcome anxiety. It boosts immunity and makes your physical and mental health a lot better. It is better to avoid listening to sad songs; instead, listen to some pop and rock music and keep yourself relaxed.


Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is a common practice among individuals dealing with anxiety. People sometimes delay performing important duties because of stress and anxiety. It leads to the eleventh-hour rush, which makes the situation even more stressful. It is always better to schedule your daily tasks. In this way, you can avoid anxiety as well, as your duties are performed on time.

Avoid smoking

People dealing with anxiety often smoke a lot to avoid anxiety and stress. However, in that way, they are making the situation even worse by damaging their mental and physical well-being. Nicotine helps overcome anxiety temporarily but causes long-term damages that are unable to recover.

Psychotherapy-Anxiety Treatment

Psychotherapy is a good way to overcome extreme level anxiety. You can inform your psychologist about the things that bother you or make you anxious without fearing judgment. These therapies are helpful in treating your anxiety in the short term. You are able to learn the skills to fight anxiety in an effective way. These therapies are helpful in treating your anxiety without medications and supplements.

It is always better to overcome anxiety naturally because supplements and store-bought medicines provide you temporary relief. They are not a permanent source to fight anxiety. Also. These supplements increase the risk of lung and renal disease.


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