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That’s how calm Best Anime Movies is these days, and the outlook appears attractive clear also. 2021 has been a pretty good year for anime fans, with tons of awesome stuff coming out, and some pretty classic franchises have wrapped up some serious story arcs in the form of feature films. In fact, there are so many good things already out there that if you haven’t been able to figure it all out in real-time, it can be hard to figure out where to even start. With that in mind, here are some of the best films in this genre this year. Let’s get a seem at the most excellent anime movies of 2021. Also check out movies like Interstellar if you looking to watch the best movies. 

Gintama: The finale was a huge box office success

On January 8, the comedy thriller in the anime “Gintama” ended with a large-scale film about the last battle for the Terminal. Gintoki (Tomokazu Sugita) and his allies face off against Tendoushu and the immortal Utsuro (Koichi Yamadera), and the plot turns and turns as the various characters find their destiny in a myriad of ingenious ways.

The finale of Gintama is a big movie, and the business it brought in was just as impressive. According to Box Office Mojo, the film’s box office was sizable, and just under the $ 17 million it has earned at the time of writing is enough to make it into the Top 20 Most Successful Films of 2021. It’s a shame the fans win though. Take your time to get more Gintama, it’s safe to say that Gintama: The Final ensures the series ends on an extremely high note. Read more about rokka no yuusha season 2.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly – 7.9

This movie, which features a rival named Broly, was fine conventional first and foremost due to the growth of the Super Saiyan lore it bring. With Vegeta and Goku in great shape, the battles here had a cinematic budget advantage. Thanks to this, Dragon Ball Super: Broly managed to impress fans with a unique blend of cinematography and high-octane action. Considering this was the twentieth Dragon Ball movie, the praise is quite an achievement.

Whisper of the Heart – 7.9

In the last decade or so, anime has been driven too much into the action genre. At one time, “Whisper of the Heart” was such a film that won over the audience because of the romantic comedic techniques involved in it. This, combined with the very cute characters, makes this watch a fresh one that should entertain even those who don’t normally watch anime. The love story of a bookworm and a violin maker is the best option to play out a touching story.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya – 8.0


Guaranteed to be heartbreaking, this film is specifically designed to bring tears to the eyes of audiences. This definitely works as the mysterious princess Kaguya arrives to bring joy into the lives of her adoptive parents but revealed as an ethereal being. Her attempts to integrate with humanity are the main engine of the plot, although the connection she creates with those around her shows that emotions are such human things that need to be experienced and cherished. The movie was still select for an Academy Award.

Castle in the sky – 8.0

At the time of its release, Castle in Heaven was an absolute blockbuster and an 80s tech marvel that brought spectacular locations to the world of movie watching. It tells the story of a boy and girl in the 19th century and their hopes of finding their title castle in the sky. Another reason to watch the movie is the accessible witticisms in which the dialogues reflect the characteristics of the protagonists and carve out their roles simply through their conversations.

Nausicaa of the gorge of the Wind – 8.1

The first anime on this list was one of Hayao Miyazaki’s first films and is still very much loved today. Released in 1984, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind tells the touching story of a young princess who has dedicated her life to better understanding the world in which she lives. A thousand years before this story, an apocalyptic war caused by the industrial and technological growth of humanity destroyed civilization and spawned a poisonous forest that has since spread throughout most of the world. While Nausicaa believes in the ability to divide this world, others seek to conquer the planet of this toxic forest by force.

Ghost in the Shell – 8.0

In an innovative setting, this tale follows a cyborg safety agent who tracks a hacker. Ghost in the Shell is not only tense action and solid characters, but also many thematic qualities, such as ethical impact and self-identification. It helps that the visual appeal of the film is paramount, as the action rendered in the incredible detail provided by the cinematography. Most of all, viewers liked the dynamic style of “Ghost in the Shell”.

Children of the Wolf – 8.1

The Best Anime Movies follows Hana, a single mother raising two very unusual half-human half-wolf children after the death of their werewolf father. As difficult as it is to raise young children alone, Hana’s task becomes even more difficult as she also has to hide the true nature of her children from the world as they cannot yet control their abilities. “Children of the Wolf” is an incredibly sweet and touching film filled with magic and hope that is sure to leave a mark.


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