A Simple Guide To Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds

A Simple Guide To Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds

Before opting for this breed, make sure you have all it takes to raise it. The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog, with a moderately long coating that comes in a variety of colors. Kip Dog Day Care Sydney explains that Australian Shepherds are super energetic and enjoy working or completing tasks, so this isn’t the breed for time poor people that can’t exercise or stimulate them appropriately.

From herding animals to entertainment, these hounds have it all. Plus, their well-balanced physique makes it easy to distinguish between the male and the female.

If you consider having them as your pet, learn about their living needs, temperament, grooming, diet among others. Here is a guide to help you understand the Australian Shepherd even better.

Characteristics of Australian Shepherds

  • Appearance

This hound has a medium-sized coating that is slightly wavy or straight. Likewise, the coating is double layered to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

Their tails are short and naturally bobbed which historically helped to prevent them from accidents while in the field. The color patterns vary from red merle, black, blue merle to red among others.

Typically, most of these hounds tend to have red, black, or gray noses, eye rims, and lips depending on the color of their fur. The other most distinct appearance of these dogs is the color of their eyes which may vary based on genetics. You can get service dog registration from here easily.

  • Temperament

Initially, these dogs were bred to work in the field, hence their strong herding instinct. If you are looking for a pooch to snuggle with on the couch, then this isn’t the dog for you.

An Australian shepherd is an athletic and high-energy animal that requires constant exercise to thrive. Owners must create enough time for constant play to prevent destructive behaviors like chewing and digging. They are also super intelligent and trainable.

A well-trained hound can easily socialize with other animals and kids under supervision. Plus, they can be very protective and rather territorial. Read more here

  • Living Needs

Before opting for this type of pet, you must consider the size of your home. The reason being these hounds are naturally energetic and might require ample outdoor spaces for proper exercise.

Plus, they may not be ideal for apartment living unless you can create time to take it for a jog, hike, or play catch at the dog park to keep it active.

While most of these breeds were initially bred to herd livestock, today they can be professionally trained to work as police dogs, a guide for the blind and rescue dogs.

  • Health

These pups can live up to 15 years if well taken care of. Experts recommend regular visits to the vets and a balanced diet.

You should also consider regular tests for collie eye anomaly (CEA), drug sensitivities, cataracts, or autoimmune thyroiditis which are common disorders in these breeds. These diseases can lead to weaker puppies if passed on to the next generation.

We recommend you ask about your puppy’s genetic history before opting for one. All in all, the Australian shepherds can live long and healthy with proper care.

Who should have this dog breed?

Aussies are hyperactive and enjoy the company of almost every species. It helps to lead an active lifestyle around this hound. Also, be ready for plenty of play, training, and companionship with this dog.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t do well around strangers hence a communal family may not be ideal. Basically, this animal thrives best with an owner who understands their needs and has time for training and play. Bringing this breed to Huntsville group classes for dogs can truly help a lot with your dog’s behavior and obedience.

The best environment for the dog

As mentioned, Aussies are herders and require ample training spaces. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot have one if you leave in a small, tiny house. As long as you give it routine exercise daily be it at home or at the dog park you can have it.

Why you should get An Australian Shepherd Dog Breed

Now that you know what to expect when you consider getting an Australian Shepherd, let’s look at the benefits of having one.

  • Medium size

These hounds have a perfectly balanced body that is easy to manage. They are not too big or too tiny. It is also easy to distinguish between the male and the female due to their distinctive masculinity and femininity.

They are also not so bulky which makes them a perfect fit. On average the male weighs between d 55 – 60 pounds while the females weigh about 40- 45 pounds. Nevertheless, ensure your space can provide plenty of play area before opting for this animal.

  • Athletic

If you lead an active lifestyle coupled with vigorous activities like running, hiking, or walking, then this might be your ideal dog.

Aussies make a perfect sports partner and can be involved in various dog sports like flyball. If you are an athlete and in need of a perfect training companion, this hound will have you racing. Moreover, Aussies require at least 60 minutes of daily exercise to thrive.

  • Good companion

These hounds are naturally affectionate and playful around people and other animals. One main reason why they make great companions. If you are lonely or in need of a pet that is great with kids, then this breed might be the right pick. They are also very protective and the best companion if you fear walking alone at night. They would even you in the bedroom or the sitting room when relaxing. Click here to read more.


Understanding what to expect with an Australian shepherd is very essential. Not only does it make you a responsible dog owner but also ensures the hound is healthy and happy. Also, make sure you get your puppy from a reputable dealer to avoid risking genetic disorders.

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