Best WordPress Plugins for Staring a Technology Blog

Best WordPress Plugins for Staring a Technology Blog

Let’s not beat around the bush; owning and managing a website or a blog can be a hard and tedious task, especially if you are starting from scratch. Not only do you need to make your site functional, but you also need to promote it, make it search engine friendly, make sure to have a good user experience, and on top of all that, you need to produce and manage your content. And doing it all as a newcomer into the field makes every step of the way even harder. But don’t worry, for each and every one of those steps, there is a software solution that can help you out by either optimizing the step or adding a feature that circumvents a lot of coding you’d otherwise have to do.

So let’s cut right to the chase and see what the best WordPress plugins for starting a technology blog are.


So much more than just a plugin, Elementor is one of the most popular website builders, and definitely the most popular WordPress site builder.
If you have your set on a winning WordPress site but either can’t or don’t want to code, You’re going to want to consider using Elementor.
With its intuitive drag and drop editor, 90+ widgets and hundreds of designer made templates, just about anyone can create the website they’ve always dreamed of.
Best of all, it offers an extensive free plan!
But if you don’t want to use Elementor, browse through the WordPress site builders and find the one that suits you the best.

WP Umbrella

Let’s start this list of useful plugins WordPress with WP Umbrella, a management plugin for WordPress. WP Umbrella will monitor all your WordPress vitals and alert you in case anything goes wrong!

This monitoring includes: uptime monitoring, performance monitoring, security monitoring and php errors monitoring. Once you have your beautiful website up and running, it’s really important to monitor it.

Downtime indeed happens way more often than you think and can ruin all your SEO and marketing effort. With WP Umbrella you can troubleshoot emerging issue before they become actual problems. This plugin is definitely the kind of insurance your WordPress website might need.

WP Umbrella is also an ideal tool to manage several WordPress sites from a single dashboard. The plugin comes with an amazing dashboard allowing you to know what is actually going on on all of your websites.

You can also update your plugins and themes safely from their application and generate beautiful client reports. You can also use drap and drop website builder for designing site.

WP Reset

Building a blog is much akin to building a house. You have to start from the foundations and move up. That’s where WP Reset comes in handy. It’s an all-in-one tool that provides you with a myriad of features that focus on creating the perfect base of operations for your blog. When you start your blog out, you’ll want to install various themes and plugins to improve its design and functionality, but doing so by hand is a painstaking process that eats your time like no other. That’s why WP Reset has its Collections feature that allows you to group and bulk install various additions to your blog. And also, WP Reset is your premier insurance against all forms of crashes, breakages, or various ‘screens of death’. When it comes to running a blog or a website, mistakes are bound to happen, and you shouldn’t take them to heart. Instead, focus on the future in which you quickly recover your data and carry on forward. With WP Reset’s Snapshots feature, you can create automatic database snapshots and restore them whenever you want. If you make a huge mistake, such as forgetting your login credentials, messing up your core files, or .htaccess file, installing a bad plugin/theme, or making your site non-functional in any way, WP Reset has its Emergency Recovery Script that’s got you covered. Or, you might reach for the Nuclear Reset feature. This feature, as you might’ve guessed, deletes everything so you can easily start anew. And since you can bulk install plugins using the Collections feature, restarting your blog is as easy as pie. Plus, as WP Reset offers integrations with all the popular cloud storage services, you won’t need to worry about losing your data in some obscure folder either. All in all, WP Reset is one of those plugins that are so good, some might even call them a necessity in website building.

DeepL WordPress Plugin

DeepL WordPress plugin translates your WordPress Website automatically without having to hire expensive translation agencies. This helps visitors from all over the world to have a better understanding of your product/service since the content will automatically be translated in their native language. DeepL helps you expand your business globally, Generate More revenue and get better Search engine rankings with the best bounce rate ever. The Plugin can be used on your Tech blog or any other Website you wish to start.


Now that we have the base covered, let’s talk about UnderConstructionPage. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows for the creation of “under construction/maintenance” pages in a matter of minutes using the brilliant templates it has on offer. But why would one want to create an “under construction/maintenance” page, you might be wondering? Well, it has been proven that with proper search engine optimization and marketing, an “under construction/maintenance” page can create an unbelievable amount of hype; not only that, but it also gives you time to tinker with your blog until you are satisfied. Some of the templates you could pick include an integrated newsletter promoter so you’ll be able to get a head start before you truly launch your site onto the internet. But UnderConstructionPage doesn’t only benefit you before launching the blog; it also provides a multitude of templates that work perfectly when you want to do some maintenance on it. One of the best features that UnderConstructionPage has is definitely its drag-and-drop builder. It allows you to quickly build landing pages or any other type of page without a care in the world. And that’s why, if you’re just starting out and you want to garner some early hype for your blog, you should definitely consider using UnderConstructionPage.

WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects

One of the most common issues blog developers face is broken links and obsolete redirects. That’s why any new blog developer should integrate WP 301 Redirects into their plugin repertoire. It’s a specialized plugin that helps developers create and manage various redirected links. Improving links on your blogs is a crucial step in improving your search engine optimization or SEO for short. Nobody likes searching the vast oceans of the internet only to encounter a rusty old link that leads to a 404 page, so why not take an extra step to ensure that never happens to your visitors. With WP 301 Redirects’ easy-to-use dashboard, you can track all of your links and see if they are leading to a correct, and most importantly, working destination. This becomes especially useful if you’re migrating to a different domain or are holding a limited-time event as it can redirect your existing links to a new destination. This whole thing might seem complicated, but it’s basically just a simple process in which a redirect tells browsers how an old link leads to a new destination. So get yourself WP 301 Redirects and stop worrying about links permanently.

WP Sticky

WP Sticky

WP Sticky is quite frankly a legendary plugin. It’s easy to use and carries so many features on its shoulders that it could rival Atlas himself. But at its core, WP Sticky is an incredibly simple plugin. All it does is take your desired element and make it “sticky”. And so, when your visitors scroll through your blog, the sticky elements will follow them. Such utility is extremely helpful in navigating websites, as you don’t need to scroll back to the top to navigate to a different menu. Also, if you want to make an element the main focus of your blog so that visitors can reference it more easily, you should definitely get yourself WP Sticky.

Google Maps Widget

When it comes to running a tech blog, you rarely need to showcase a physical location, but that doesn’t mean the option should be left out. And that’s where Google Maps Widget PRO comes into play. It’s a premier map widget plugin you can use to show off your business’ location, for example. You can create an unlimited number of maps in any shape or style and add as many pins as you need on them; you really are getting a bang for your buck. Unlike travel blogs, tech blogs don’t need to rely so heavily on a map to project their point, but having a visual representation of where a partner business is, for instance, can really help out.


And there you have it; these are the best WordPress plugins that you would need when starting a new tech blog. These plugins should cover all of your basic necessities, from database snapshots to specialized element customization. While there are so many more that we could talk about, these are the ones that are used as a core in website building all over the world.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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