Advantages of Pallet Extensions

Advantages of Pallet Extensions

Pallet extensions can be used to expand your pallet inventory quickly and efficiently. A pallet extension is a reconstructed end-section of a pallet that can be placed between the top and bottom deckboards and side strings or blocks to increase the pallet’s opening height. These extensions can be reversible and add up to 18 inches to the length of a pallet. Because they are affordable and fast, pallet extensions are also known as pallet adapters. They can safely extend any pallet. Contact MYPALLETMARKET for more information about pallet extensions and how they can help your business. These are the top four benefits of pallet extensions:

  1. Software compatibility
  2. Low cost
  3. Lead times are short
  4. Design options
  5. Small size
  6. Design Software Compatibility

Because they are designed to fit snugly, pallet extensions do not need to be attached to the pallets to which they adapt. These extensions can be used safely and efficiently in this manner. However, if they are secured their weight capacity can be retrieved from pallet design software.

MYPALLETMARKET industry-leading software, the Pallet Design System, (PDS), can include pallet adapters in its pallet design simulations. These simulations can provide information such as predicted weight capacity, life cycle of pallets, and many other useful information. This gives facilities confidence in using pallet extensions because any questions or concerns regarding the product can easily be addressed through reliable pallet simulations.

  1. Low cost

Wooden Pallet Price Malaysia are small and require very little material. Their costs are lower, especially when they are compared to whole pallets. The cost of even the largest pallet adapter is a fraction of that of a full pallet. It adds 18 inches to the length.

  1. Short Lead Times

Pallet adapters are easy to make because of their small dimensions and low material usage. Producing pallet adapters takes less time than making recycled pallets.These pallet extenders are easy to make and can be delivered quicklyThey are available in. These can be sent with any pallet order or purchased separately and delivered to your facility.

  1. Design Options

Pallet extensions can be made from pallets or in many other designs.They can be custom-made to fit your inventory and fit any size pallet.You can. This product can be used to adapt existing inventory, from standard 48×40 GMAs up to custom or special pallets. They can also be made of recycled or new material, or a combination.

  1. Small Size

Pallet extensions are small enough to be discreetly and easily stored or shipped because of their small size. It takes only a fraction of space to store enough pallet extensions in order to adapt an entire inventory. They take up very little space in facilities or lots, making them easy to ship with any load.

Pallet adapters can be used to extend the length of any pallet. They are cost-effective, flexible and easy to use. Pallet extensions can be used to increase the length of a pallet by a few inches or even a few feet. Request a wooden pallet for sale quote from us to learn how pallet extensions could make your pallet inventory more flexible.

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