All About HUAWEI talkband b6

All About HUAWEI talkband b6

Are you looking for the best fitness coach and workout reminder then HUAWEI talkband b6 is made for you? It will notify you that this time is your fitness time. As there are multiples (more than 90) fitness workouts which include indoor and outdoor like running, swimming, cycling, jumps, push-ups, and chain ups, etc. here you can put your favorite exercise on the reminder.

Display of HUAWEI talk band b6   

If we talk about the design of the HUAWEI talkband b6. It is just an amazing, beautiful, classy, and stylish design. The design is made curved, detachable, and super fit. The main advantage of detachable is that you can handle long calls just attach the main body of the HUAWEI talkband b6 with an ear.

B6 comes with the Size of 1.53 inch AMOLED display. Here you can check all the notifications of calls, SMS, weather conditions, and many more. It has a touch screen and you can swipe up or swipe down and read the messages by scrolling down same as your smartphone.

The display has 326 PPI and the resolution of the screen is 188×460 which looks very great for the 1.53-inch display. The brightness level is perfect for indoor but if you use the talkband in direct sun you can increase the brightness level just like you increase in smartphones.

The weight of the HUAWEI talkband b6 is 28.8 g. The size including the base not including the strap is 56.87×22.61×12.5 mm.

Select your favorite one 

You can choose your favorite color as HUAWEI talkband b6 is available in graphite black, coral red, camellia, mocha brown, and titanium grey. The functionality and features of all these different colors are the same.


HUAWEI talkband b6 contains Bluetooth 5.2 and you can connect your smartphone with it. Apart from this if you have also contained any Huawei smartphone then you can use the Huawei shares. Through which you can connect all your fitness data with your smartphones and can watch all the details on the big screen.

Call quality

As we discussed above you can detach the talkband for long-term calls and you don’t need to put hold your wrist with ears. The call quality is worthy of praise because the voice you receive and transform during the call is very clear, loud, and easily understandable.

You will receive accurate and clear sound also because they used noise cancellation software in HUAWEI talkband b6. So in a busy street or noisy traffic, you can talk with your favorite ones without facing any problem.

Your personal trainer

HUAWEI talkband b6 is ready to become your trainer and give you the right exercise at right time. There are more than 90 supported fitness activities supported by the new HUAWEI talkband b6. This means that your favorite sport or hobby is sure to be covered by at least one of the workout modes available on the new talkband b6. All you have to do is to touch your desired fitness mode and the relevant metrics like time, heart rate and distance will display on the screen.

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