Health Reports, Activity Tracker & Battery life of Huawei Watches

Health Reports, Activity Tracker & Battery life of Huawei gt2 pro

The kind of measure of heart rate and the electrical aspects of that as well for me what was important was measurements of things like the heart rate and activity. Activity in the form of how many steps I’m doing during the day and blending that in with the heart rate that’s a great way to also measure the quality of your sleep. This particular watch has something called their true sleep but basically, it takes those sensors and the measurements and gives you an overall score of how well you slept during the night so it kind of knows how to tell when you’re in a deep sleep when you have REM sleep and also you’re breathing patterns as well. It can’t officially detect things like sleep which makes it perfect to buy watch but it kind of starts painting a picture of how well or not well I’m sleeping during the night so you can take that information and you know talk to a healthcare professional and maybe even change some of the things that you’re doing to improve on that they also have something called true relax so it again takes you the sensors and the measurements from there and lets you know when you’re getting a little stressed out and gives you little notifications.

Activity Tracker

If you’re into fitness for athletes then you must buy watch they also want to know their blood oxygen levels as well so this particular watch the Huawei Watch 3 is got something built-in called a pulse oximeter and this can measure what’s called spo2 the saturation of oxygen in your blood so if you’re like a triathlete or runner or cyclist this helps you set goals of how high you want your heart rate how saturated your blood is with oxygen and it helps you hit higher fitness levels when you’re doing the training.

Battery Life

One important feature that I want to talk about is battery life and it’s important because I try a lot of smart watches out you know obviously apple watches there’s ones from Samsung and a number of other you know different manufacturers but to buy watch battery life is a big deal especially if you want to be tracking your health and fitness during the day and then your sleep during the night sleep is super important to track now it’s something I do all the time and maybe I’m stupid but you know with the apple watch I actually have two apple watches when I’m using them testing them out and the reason is because the battery life i can get a day of battery life out of it so that’s good for taking me through the day and then tracking my sleep during the night but then you got to charge it sometime right so if you’re only getting a day I got to be honest I forget to charge it all the time and I have a dead watch but the battery life on the huawei watch 3 it’s pretty impressive you can actually get two weeks of use out of it before having to recharge it and its surely another positive point to buy watch of this standard.

Written by Enaa Mari

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